How Is Michael Kors Outpacing Luxury Rivals?

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April 4 (Bloomberg) -- Rahul Sharma, founder & managing director at Neev Capital, examines the success of Michael Kors as it outpaces its luxury fashion rivals on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

The biggest pains in economics.

Earlier we heard from a former member of the executive board of the ecb.

This is what he had to say about what that central-bank should do next.

To low inflation.

Inflation is really negative.

We are not seeing that and probably we won't see that.

Too low inflation is not good because the leveraging process is more complicated.

You need to come back -- combat low inflation.

Price stability is around 2%. this requires some further action to avoid that the inflation rate stays too low compared to 2%. what is your take on what we heard from the ecb yesterday, lorenzo?

Is qe really going to go ahead?

What kind of qe may we see in europe?

I think these are the right questions.

Yesterday, mario draghi prepare the markets for qe to happen.

He needs some time to create the full consensus in the board, and the council.

It may take maybe another meeting or two.

A decision by consensus is much more effective on the market.

In his thoughts, probably it is worth the wait to have full consensus to be sure that the data are showing the need for qe.

The markets are prepared.

I think we may have had a small glitch with that piece of tape.

We don't use tape anymore of course.

We are much more digitally focused.

Nevertheless, that was lorenzo bini smaghi.

Let's get some more reaction.

Marco, give me a sense of what you made of mario draghi's comment yesterday.

The investors were a little disappointed that maybe this was the right time to act.

The other saying, this is buried

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