How Is Corporate America Viewing Arizona?

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Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Greater Phoenix Economic Council President Barry Broome discusses the backlash over Arizona’s Senate Bill 1062. He speaks with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Obviously, from a brand perspective, this is not what you want your community to be talked about for five days.

I think the facts and evidence are on the side of arizona.

It has been a tremendous witness . 85% of verizon opposed this bill.

John mccain and jeff flake called for the beta.

-- 85% of arizona opposed this bill.

The evidence will show that we are able to work through any of the short-term complexities that a policy like this has created for us.

A litmus test.

One that your governor passed and your legislature failed the . it's a young state.

It is also all about what's next.

At one thing i like to say to people about greater phoenix is that it's the best placed in america to be new.

We had 6.5 million people this year.

It is the nature of politics going back to barry goldwater and even john mccain.

It is a very high profile debate kind of political environment.

I think what it really says, not so much that the bill passed, but that the bill met the opposition that it did.

Apple it come intel, american airlines and others, it is a litmus test that's a little pies the fact that arizona is open to business and we are very grateful and jan for the veto.

This is the same state that has raised all kinds of controversy around martin luther king day, for example.

It passed one of the most onerous discriminatory immigration laws in the country.

Some of which we have been rolled back by the courts.

What does it say about the state?

That is the lens through which corporate america is looking at arizona.

Corporate america, whether it be businesses like apple or sports leagues like the nfl, have to make decisions about how much business to do in the state and how many jobs to create in the state.

Are you concerned about that?

Less we are the only state that passed martin luther king day as a holiday on the ballot.

I wonder how me states right now with complex racial politics in the east or the south could put martin luther king day on the ballot and pass it today.

We did that.

The conversation on immigration i think was a law and order issue.

We were selected for the super bowl after putting its largest u.s. investment in may say come arizona after the martin luther king conversation come after the immigration debate.

Because people take a careful look at this market and this is what -- it is the third-largest market in the united states.

Top 10 in business environment.

Number one in small business formation in the united states.

E.r.a. top businesswe are trending to be the number one producer of jobs in the united states.

When you put the right business environment together, low regulation, great education outcomes like we are, that really cuts through political debate.

That is why companies like apple and intel and american airlines choose our community to be their home.

I would look to thank you.

Business at large and small

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