How Important Is Frankfurt's Euro Finance Week?

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Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Manus Cranny reports on Frankfurt’s Euro Finance Week. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

Driving the bus?

It is the regulators.

You have got 14 regulators, government officials, eight bankers.

One of the key protagonists.

Druggie will be there.

There's a great deal to discuss.

-- mario draghi will be there.

They have got to agree.

What are the issues?

What will the review be?

There is a sense this is the last great tethering.

I caught up with tim adams.

I started by asking, what is going to be the top of the agenda for these negotiations?

I think it is important on several key issues.

One is a risk-based capital system.

Number two is for europe to continue the process, banking integration.

There are so many issues to be decided, and three is about implementation of the rules.

I think those are the issues that are going to dominate the conversation.

To the bankers trust the ecb to act fair and reasonably?

Italy has got enormous credibility was the phrase he used, but he did say, if you are going to open pandora's box, be sure you are ready.

And how are you going to recapitalize.

He did talk about the weaker sovereigns that have not got the ability.

The eurozone it has only just come out of recession relatively recently.

What did he say about lending?

It's tough in the economy.

There is very little capital flowing to the peripheral countries.

The financial fragmentation remains and is probably becoming more acute overtime.

Until you can get capital in the hands of entrepreneurs, it is tough to see how you see a sustainable reuse celebration of growth.

It is tough to raise money when you are trying to raise capital.

Thank you very much.

They are seeking to raise a

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