How Important Is Dow 16,000 to Investors

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Nov. 22 (Bloomberg) -- TopStepTrader Chief market Strategist Bob Iaccino previews today's markets and discusses his investment ideas with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

The dow at 16,000. does that mean anything to you?

It is nice for public sentiment.

Given the reasons why we got here, we have seen pretty fair price to earnings ratio.

Avenue growth is not where it should be.

Academic numbers are still tepid.

/the rally is getting a little bit tired.

Yellen is going to be dovish is the rally that we got.

What do you do?

Equity wise from the standpoint of the industry, you do not do much at all.

We look at trades from risks to re-ward.

We could easily see $10 higher on the s&p. we could easily see $50 or $60 lower including another budget battle in january.

It is getting a little tighter overall.

Bob, in terms of catalysts for next week, it will be a holiday-shortened week, what could be a catalyst for a big selloff?

Without news to push it higher, you need news in either direction.

We do not have news for a selloff.

If you are going to put on new positions, this is not the right time to do it.

It is more about a lack of buyers that it is a trigger for a big selloff.

Washington is getting even more contentious.

The party lines are being drawn even more solidly as we saw with the nuclear option on the judicial, nations.

-- judicial nominations.

Let's go from the markets to health care.

A drug research company uses big data to discover more of an personalized vacation.

They are working with the u.s. defense department to develop new drugs for boston cancer.

-- prostate cancer.

Carl has turned his attention to health care.

Using big data in different areas.

In your instance, you are using it in health care in developing new medicines to treat cancer.

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