How Hot Is the Live Streaming Marketplace?

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June 11 (Bloomberg) –- Ustream Founder and CEO Brad Hunstable discusses the business of live video streaming and enterprise opportunities. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Live streaming.

How big is it?

Live streaming was a 1.7 alien viewer -- billion fewer hours = --- viewer hours.

Today, we are on -- the leader and live broadcasting.

All of these companies are our customers you're are using video in new ways.

That is important.

It makes me wonder where the highest growth and highest marginal opportunities lie in the streaming business.

Is it to consumers?

Or is it in the b-2 b world.

Cisco might be helping a company like yours to allow to companies to do business together.

I think it is something like that.

There has been a lot of consumer products and net neutrality conversations.

There is a huge consumer market.

But they are also trying to act like media companies.

There is a huge opportunity for us to build across all of the duplin -- different applications.

8 million people in a to our window -- two hour window watched the launch of sony's new gaming system.

When a business can do a corporate product launch -- that is what apple is doing, as well.

We still have not gotten down to what makes the most sense for you to focus on.

Is your company chasing the consumer opportunity?

I was in the military.

I graduated from west point in june 2001. i wanted to solve a simple issue.

Help soldiers send and receive and communicate what they were missing all around the world.

Initially working a lot with media companies -- the big growth for us is around enterprise.

How can we have businesses be more reductive and transparent -- productive and transparent?

Is that because you see so much conflict in the consumer world, netflix-verizon, net neutrality.

Video is hot.

It is hot in the enterprise.

What tends to happen with enterprises adopting consumer technologies, they lag about 5-10 years behind.

It is starting to happen with enterprise video.

You have about $60 million in funding?

And you are generating how much revenue?

We have moved our business model to become a software company.

You can get started very quickly on our website.

In the year and a half, our business already has 5000 paying customers in the enterprise.

That puts us up there with some of the fastest growing out there in the world.

They can take a long time to be profitable.

We have high gross margins.

We have great customers, loyal to the brand.

You are an internet video company that is cash flow breakeven and not far away from profitability.

What happens next?

Your venture backers have to be salivating.

If go daddy can file for an ipo, surely your company can.

Right now, we are building really amazing products.

I am focused on continuing to drive the business.

Raising more venture capital.

These are things that are on the table.

This market is new.

There is growth that is going to happen over the next couple of years.

Has anybody tried to buy you?

We have always had those conversations.

We have not seen a partner that seems to make sense at this point.

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