How Has Wall Street Been dealing With Syria?

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Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Insight & Action," dam Johnson looks at how Wall Street has been dealing with the Syrian crisis. He speaks on Bloomberg Television' "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Want to know how wall street is dealing with syria?

It is time for insight and action.

Let me show you what wall street is buying in relation to syria.

It sounds obvious.

Since june 1, oil is up 16.8%. raytheon, which makes the tomahawk missile, up 15.4%. general dynamics, the shipbuilder, up 12.5%. to me show you what wall street is not mine.

This might surprise you -- let me show you what wall street is not lying.

This might surprise you read the dollar, gold, and the 10-year.

You could say that is all because of paper talk -- paper -- taper talk.

Traditional safe haven assets are not getting the safe haven bid.

The one that is most interesting is oil because the cftc tracks every trade in the oil market, obviously -- either a hedge trade or speculative trade.

Look what has happened to the speculative, or noncommercial trade.

You see this spike.

It is at all-time highs.

It has never been this high.

Watch what happens when the overlay the price of oil on that speculative position.

Look at that.

You want to know why oil is up?

It is because the spec you take -- spectators are taking oil out.

When we talk about diplomacy, look at oil, it is the one thing you have to be wary of.

Asked thank you.

-- thank you.

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