How Has Facebook Matured Since Its Inception?

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Circa Co-Founder and CEO Matt Galligan discusses the evolution of Facebook on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Let's talk about facebook's evolution.

How has the company matured from those days when mark zuckerberg started it in his harvard dorm?

Obviously it starts out as something college kids could access and has grown to something used for social access worldwide.

It is amazing -- an amazing transformation.

That process also involves mark zuckerberg.

How has his thinking expanded and how has phase forward -- facebook transformed the social media landscape?

I think that the changes happening at facebook are really telling an really interesting.

They are moving away from the sort of behemoth of one site and one experience, one-size-fits-all kind of thing, and beginning to split the experience into a lot of different apps.

You see this big transition for distributing all of their work into a lot of different spaces and i think it is interesting how the company will continue to evolve and probably be an example for the rest of the industry.

How is the facebook interface changing the facebook experience?

For a while, i had facebook on my phone on my home screen.

It ended up being a distraction, so i took it off.

Paper brought a backup.

How was it a distraction?

You have a constant feed you are swiping, swiping, swiping in going through, and it tends to be a distraction.

The new interface really focuses your attention on specific content.

It is an interesting change.

What did facebook unleash on the world?

I think it ended up being a people glue.

You are gluing components together and people connecting worldwide.

But also, there are very few applications out there today that don't have some form of social dimity and using them as the glue that binds those -- social interactivity and using them as the glue that binds that activity.

Tell me about circa.

How did you start it, what was the genesis?

When you are mobile, when you are on the go, which i was when i started the company, i kept feeling like i was confronted with long articles whenever i open the news apt.

I realized it took a lot of work just to get through a handful of stories at a time.

We wanted to create an experience or you had news specific to a mobile lifestyle.

We created an experience that is stored of like cliff notes for news where you are paring down to just the facts and able to get through all the new stories of the day very quickly.

I imagine what is key for you is updates as the story develops . absolutely.

We created a future where you can follow what happens next in the news.

As the story progresses, you are going to get notified as it changes.

A perfect example was we found out about facebook intentionally launching paper sometime ago.

We produced a story about that.

Anybody that follows it, from then on, we notify it when it launches.

Are you a news junkie?

I sort of became one.

I didn't start out like that, but now that i have this opportunity to stay in touch with all the things i care about, yes, it definitely has changed how i think about the news.

We are going to get twitters first earnings on wednesday.

Assess the company's performance.

It has been pretty amazing, honestly.

Their transition to mobile has really been impressive.

If you just look at the stock performance alone, we are talking about an incredible bump.

I think despite whatever the earnings may be tomorrow, the company is on the rise.

What is next in social media in this age of cyber security and nsa spying?

Are we going to see more apps with user privacy at the center of their features?


We are going to see that happen more and more.

And cap recently launched called secret.

The idea is that you are connecting with your friends but everything you share is completely anonymous.

Whereas i know the things being shared are from my friends, i have no way of connecting who that is.

It is interesting.

I can share more intimate things that i would not share publicly.

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