How Flash Storage Transforms Data Centers

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July 14 (Bloomberg) –- Fusion-io Global Field Operations Executive Vice President Ian Whiting discusses Flash Storage, how to manage data and the launch of the company’s newest flash memory platform in Singapore with John Dawson on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Providing flash memory.

He joins us from singapore.

Many thanks for joining us.

You are in singapore, a big launch.

How big a game changer is this?

We think there is a major transformation going on in data centers around the world but no more so than here in asia.

Oracle, google, microsoft, etc., we think there is a tremendous need for a new way of looking for how to build out those data centers to get the best return in investment, specifically looking at things like power and they cost of fueling those dissenters at a time when data growth is growing exponentially.

Recently, there was a report suggesting that 90% of the world data was created in the last couple of years.

This explosion of data and the challenges of how you manage that in a data center environment is what fusion io and the atomic series is all about.

Making the shift from hard disk to flash storage.

What are the risks if any?

Hard disk drive technology has been great for many years.

These days, you're hard-pressed to see why a company that is deploying new applications in a data center would look at what is a less reliable and low performance technology.

The part -- the promise of flash technology is dramatically better performance in an environment or a world where everyone wants access to data at the speed of now, whether it is on your mobile phone, on a tablet, or a desktop computer in an office environment.

That need for speed and the need for access to data with norv -- with no compromises around is where flash memory technology comes in.

They came from the consumer electronics technology for iphones and mobile phones and laptops and digital cameras have been using the technology for many years.

It has now transitioned to the data center world and is replacing traditional hard disk drive technology at an accelerated rate.

The big concern is about security, risk to security, privacy, etc.

Can you insure those involved that process is intact.

We work with the world's leading storage and server vendor.

It is delivered as part of a system or solution solved by the world's leading server vendors like lenovo, hp, dell, cisco, etc.

We work very closely with them to ensure our rod x are integrated within the server -- our products are integrated within the server and that data is detected by the myriad of encryption solutions that they and their partners wrapped around a data center solution based on their server storage technology.

Sandisk currently a stay in utah, 7000 customers, almost 1000 employees, how does that merger shift the corporate culture and shift your direction?

Sandisk has been a leader in the flash storage, last memory marketplace for many years and has really evolved from the retail consumer space into the mobile and the compute environment in the last few years.

The acquisition of fusion io, we are going through that process as we speak, will create a company with the broadest range of flash memory solutions from everything from retail to the most high performance demanding data center applications, where performance and access of data is at the speed of now where there really is no patience or time or companies are made or broken based on the application access to that data.

That is the company that will emerge from that acquisition.

We are going through the process as we speak.

The acquisition is due to be closed within scandisk's fiscal

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