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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) –- Director & Writer Ryan M. Kennedy and Actor Doug E. Doug discuss using Kickstarter to fund film distribution with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Projectionist coco and they have been using kickstart her to -- "the projectionist." and they have been using kickstart her to fund it.

But i promise i won't yell like spike lee did.

You never know.

It depends on what we are going to say.

How did you get into this world of financing movies using the internet?

I think we saw a new trend in filmmaking taking place before our very eyes with the technology and the access that we had to it.

And we also have this opportunity with this trend changing with regard to how films are financed.

Most kickstart her projects are going to go to kick started to say, we want to -- most film kick starter projects are going to go to kick starter to say we want to make it.

And we saw that as an opportunity to use the platform not necessarily to make the film, but to find the audience and engage interest and contributions made from that with an opportunity to reinvest in the film and finance our own theatrical distribution without any distribution company backing us.

Trying to distribute without a big studio behind you, what has been your experience?

How is it traditionally done and what things are you trying to change?

As far as traditional distribute and, you're talking about a large ad buy, or a series of them.

Commercials, radio, a lot of investment.

A lot of marketing goes into it.

And that ed -- that adds into the amount of return that you have to give because you have to pay for that.

Out of your receipt.


In this case, what we are going to say is we are going to try to achieve some pure profit, so to speak, without having to make the upfront costs in terms of advertising.

But not to secure a true prophet.

You're just trying to gauge what the interest is and determine what your investment strategy will be for exposure to the film.

What is the movie about?

It is about a soldier who returns from iraq and has undiagnosed posttraumatic stress disorder, as many veterans do when they return.

He is simply trying to reassociate himself with society and reconnect with the world that he left behind prior to going and serving his country.

And it is really hard to watch at times.

We are very excited about releasing this film and getting it out to a huge audience and showing the world the work we have done.

But also, it is, to me, just as much about raising awareness on an issue that really is not being discussed.

It is something that is being swept under the rug and hundreds of thousands of people are being affected by this.

You give your life to something and not necessarily have proper rehabilitation when you return home, you know, like i said, in addition to entertaining people, because we would like this to be a successful friday night movie, but also raise awareness on an important issue.

Doug e doug, is that what drew you to this project?

It was that, and also ryan.

Being a young filmmaker, he had the enthusiasm and he did not only have the cause, but he had the distribution strategy intact.

When i sat down with him, there were no loose ends.

It is where you can meet with someone who has enthusiasm and talent and also a cause.

It was wonderful.

You mentioned you were going to use this to gauge audience response and so on.

Is that going to be the way that big studios do this in the future?

I think they're doing it now.

They are trying to integrate social media in order to get the moves about what they should make.

We are doing it in terms of fundraising distribution.

Thank you very much.

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