How Fast Were Cars Moving off the Lots in August?

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Kyle Stock discusses how companies use per-second statistics to add context to August car sales data. He speaks with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Taking stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

? this is aching stock for thursday, september 5, 2013. i am in for pimm fox.

A meeting in st.

Petersburg russia.

President obama is asking for support.

He maintains is believed that a military strike on syria as necessary.

Everyone connects in some way with her car.

We tell you which cars connect with consumers.

The relationship between technology and tennis is.

First up, we take a closer look at headlines.

Let's go to su keenan.

The move comes when 53% of shareholders government say no meeting.

First-order earnings topped estimates for temkin.

Sales trailed estimates.

They are lower in after-hours trading.

A new logo for smith & wesson.

Back to you.

Thank you.

President obama is busy in russia trying to win support for theory.

Aides are trying to show support and congress.

Peter cook has been following both sides.

Is the administration making progress?

No breakthrough at the summit, especially with his host and biggest obstacle, vladimir putin.

They had a brief but cordial meeting in st.

Petersburg today.

U.s. officials continue to agree to disagree on the need for military action in syria.

No formal meeting land at this point between president obama and president putin.

He has had conversations with other leaders.

To the good pose problems in other parts of the world.

-- qe could pose problems.

Any progress in congress?

The sales job continues there.

We had a closed-door briefings.

They are trying to provide as much detail as possible as to what happened in syria and why the use of military force would be justified.

Members living the sessions have different views.

One senator, dianne feinstein, is on board.

He has to understand that there is a penalty for this.

What you risk otherwise, you say to everybody that there is no penalty if you avoid these treaties.

And if you go ahead and use this terrible nerve agent.

She is one trying to encourage more support from other members of congress.

One thing she pushed for that will happen is a video produced by the intelligence community that all members can look at showing what happened with the chemical weapons attack in syria.

She said it is powerful and it will make a difference in the debate.

Thank you.

That was peter cook in washington.

For more insight to my we are joined by richard murphy, a former u.s. ambassador to syria.

Also with us is life card.

-- is clive crook.

Peter, i want to start with you.

Can we expect anything to come out of the g-20 meetings?

He has a prospect of picking up public support from other chiefs of state.

Vladimir putin i expect will stay steady until he gets the support.

The president is battling support at home.

How important is it that he gets support from the allies?

The whole point of this mission will be to uphold the moral prohibition on the use of chemical weapons.

Malia striking -- merely striking assad , it has to be broadly supported, otherwise the expression of the consensus is an denied.

Support is key.

Does it make it a more effective action then if they do a u.s. military action and have broader support?

Will they not see it as significant if it does not have the support?

It is crucial.

The british not taking apart undermines the mission.

The more countries that stand aside from this, the weaker the message that the u.s. will send.

In making the case for this, -- making the case for this is crucial.

Ambassador murphy, you have been ambassador to syria.

It is crucial that the president gets a more private support to make it lasting.

The object is to get the lesson across to never use chemical weapons again.

Also to open the door to negotiations and transitional governments and regimes.

That will be harder to pull off because assad does not want to step out of office.

He may be isolated today, but that is a position the syrians are accustomed to great over time, they think they have the right to do what they want.

Isn't that what congress is worried about?

What are the steps beyond the millet -- the military strike?

You are saying -- are you saying that has to be part of the solution?

Not boot on the ground, but a continuing political push.

That has to enlist the energies and support of russia and iran . i don't think we are near getting the support yet.

Clive, you say this is difficult.

You wish that the president could make this decision faster.

I think he hesitates too much . i think he made a big mistake in calling use of chemical weapons in syria a red line.

You should not say things like that unless you are ready to act on them.

I don't think obama was ready to act on that threat when he made it.

Yes, i think he should be more decisive.

I think you should try harder to make this case -- he should try harder to make this case.

The entire country needs to be behind this.

The problems in terms of lack of support also.

I am not saying that obama was wrong to think hard about it, but you can be careful without dithering.

I think obama has seemed to hesitant.


abbasid that -- mr.

Ambassador, do you agree?

It needs more detail.

We are not starting from the place that agendas and -- that putin is in.

They have interest there and want to preserve them.

Our public needs to know more than they have been told yet.

In other words, the clock is ticking.

The situation is not getting better.

What is the risk here?

The longer this goes on?

The longer this goes on, the more the extremists gain because the u.s. will not do anything at all.

It is our game now inside the country.

There are nasty types in the opposition.

I don't think they are a majority, but they are there, and opinions will grow if they think there is no other recourse.

Can we take the idf the table that there is no other action at this point?

Can we take off the table the idea that there would not be any action to the u.s. at this point?

I don't think you can.

If the president does not get congress to support the action, although he argues that he has the authority to go ahead, he doesn't need permission from congress, but if he does not ask -- act on this, it underlines the purpose.

It would be unwise to go ahead if congress does not back him.

No, i do not think the option of not striking is off the table.

We just have to see what happens.

Thank you.

Clive crook is a member of the editorial view on bloomberg.

Also, thank you to richard murphy.

Coming up, gone in 60 seconds.

More like gone in 38 seconds.

We tell you what america's quickest selling car is.

This is "taking stock." ? u.s. auto sales are up in august.

A double pitch -- double-digit percentage gain.

Automakers are trying to outdo each other in terms of popularity and sales.

They are using new ways to take advantage.

The most popular business week on article is called, gone in 90 seconds.

He joins us now.

It is a new metric that came out.

It is boosterish, but a new way to think about the numbers.

Everyone is trying to figure out -- car numbers have fallen.

Now they are measuring the second quarter sales.

They said, let me help you with the map.

This is a company making 8500 cars a day.

Here we have the ford f-ser ies.

71,000 trucks were sold in august.

Almost every 40 seconds?


That is at the top of the list.

Toyota camry's are also selling frequently.

Huge car for middle america.

That when cells every minute.

-- that one of cells every minute.

Let's talk about the third spot.

The chevy silverado.

They got a lot of buzz in the ford and chevy race.

One second more than that camry?


You have a lot of names from honda.

We know they are popular.

Talk to us about that.

The city can the accord were neck and neck.

About 68 or 69 seconds?

The crv was 77 seconds.

It was still under the 92nd barrier.

Series volume.

What about the toyota prius?

They did well.

A little over 90 seconds.

It was the number eight spot.

It came up behind mainstream u.s. cars.

Including the trucks.

Anything that would take a long time to sell?

I didn't look at that.

It is a huge wave of commerce . people are turning an old cars.

Financing is easy.

A perfect storm in a good way.

Thank you.

That was kyle stock.

As the action heats up, what does it take to process and understand millions of data points produced by match play?

Also, we talked to a super bowl champion about his career on wall street when his playing days were done.

This is "taking stock." ? the u.s. open underway in new york city.

We got a behind the scenes look that ibm has developed these types of sporting events.

Ibm is helping professional tennis with its own brand of moneyball.

The roots may trace back to 12th century france, but flash forward to modern-day flushing, new york.

The game and the way we watch has evolved.

It is due to official sponsors and ibm.

Their technology has been a fixture for over two decades.

How many different technologies are gathering data?

There is technology capturing the serb speed -- the serve speed.

This data has become a game changer.

Over the last eight years, abm has compiled more than 41 million data points.

They have analyzed it and have predicted and analytics algorithm.

We track those as the game progresses.

It is like moneyball for tennis.

In the 2012 women to championship, ibm predicted that force oriented one, she needed 54% of rallies, 41% of first returns, and 15% of first serve points with an ace.

And that is exactly what you did.

Williams one -- won, 2 2-1. four years, we were present data as data.

We could see how many serves a player got.

Now we have taken it to the next level and we can tell what the data means.

That was rachel crane.

Let's go to the football field.

The 2013 season kicks off tonight.

Ron heller joins us now.

He is making a living as ceo of peritus asset management.

Great to have you here.

What do you like better, football or finance?

I like football sundays, but finance is better on the body.

Talk about your career.

The quarterbacks conference, then you work with coach bill walsh.

Talk to us about the transition.

Pac-10 was like laying in a professionally.

-- professional league.

The transition was not easy.

You are playing against a grown then -- men.

It is a lot different.

They have experience and know the tricks.

They are smarter than you are at the nfl level and the pac-10 level.

What was it like under bill walsh?

For every play, you had 10 different formations it you had to know.

If you are playing jerry rice's position, you know what he had to do.

You had to know everyone's position.

Do you have a favorite moment?

The day that coach walsh and down and said, you made the team.

To do that as an undrafted guy, after being cut from the cowboys weeks before, it was like, wow.

When i walked in, i was the eighth straight -- string tied in.

You also play for the falcons.

You took courses while you were with the 49ers.

The coach brought in someone and started this program to get a second career going.

Some guys on the team's -- on the team were working out in the world managing wells fargo's and other things.

I taught i should take courses and learn something other than football.

What you think athletes need to remember for -- about planning for their financial future?

Many of them use the off- season to work out.

You need to do internships and shadow people and figure out what you are going to do at the next level.

The nfl is doing a good job to get those programs in place.

Are they doing enough?


a few make a lot of money, then there are a few that make minimum.

Most guys make average salaries.

You don't have enough money to live off your earnings after you're done.

You talked about working in the finance field being easier on your body.

What do you think of the nfl settlement?

It is the.

I know a lot of guys that have serious health problems, especially with their brains.

That cost is more than $70,000 or $80,000. the day you retire, there is no insurance.

They don't do enough.

Thank you.

We are out of time.

You were your super bowl ring.

This is "taking stock." ?

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