How Europe's Biggest Carmaker Stays on Top

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Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's David Tweed reports on how Volkswagen keeps its rival brands focused and hungry. He speaks with Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

They have beat all of the other brands.

We have been looking into the system.


I want to talk about the auto show that starts tomorrow.

This essential story on and i will tweak it.

All about how volkswagen doesn't manage 12 different -- it does manage 12 different brands.

It is on the geneva car show of last year and the rivalry between lamborghini am emily to get approval -- -- lamborghini and bentley to get approval.

Italy won the prize -- bentley won the prize.

The as uv -- at the suv and was a big, hulking machine they even had a picnic set.

You can have a picnic at the polo.

What a mental was lamborghini cannot present its suv.

It had to come up with an alternative car to stop what they came up with was the even jewel -- eventual j. it's really gotten the headline.

It had a periscope as a rare vision mirror.

They got a lot of publicity.

They did actually put their suv, the lamborghini was presented at the beijing car show.

It was angular and a beautiful, sleek looking car.

It did not get the final preacher from the sick -- go ahead from the ceo.

They could mean more than 100 million euros.

What happened in the and was busily gotten the go-ahead -- bentley gotten the go-ahead to put his car up.

It was fascinating about the rivalry.

A lot of detail in the show and how each of these individual brands at volkswagen have to try and maintain its specific identity.

A great story.

We are looking ahead to the auto show.

We heard the w has big plans to blow the competition out of the water -- water.

We have heard they have an arena, 5000 spectators.

Each of the brands will present its vision for driving the future.

At the center, it will be martin.

A good show.

David, thank you.

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