How Easy Is It to Get a Fake Passport?

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March 11 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath discusses the fake passport trade on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Iranian people boarded the plane with the wrong passports.

Forged travel documents are fueling crime across the globe.

We are joined by richard, bloomberg contributed editor.

Richard, how easy it is to get a fake passport?

How much do they cost?

Getting harder.

Because of a change in the standard for our passport technology.

Your passports get stolen all the time.

Hideaway, mine has been.

-- by the way, mine has been.

What year was it issued?

Our standards for passports changed a lot around 2007. they are embedded with a biometric chip that has a digital picture of you on it that matches the one on the passport itself.

Making it much more difficult for someone to replace the identity.

In the old days, it was an old paper passport.

You had a physical photograph laminated on the front cover.

Mine probably is at risk.

All you have to do is take the lamination off and replace the photo.

If you have to change the other things, it gets more complicated.

The picture is not a laminated photograph.

A modern u.s. passport?

It is changing around the world and there is a new international standard.

One of the questions for these two passports that were stolen, the austrian and the italian passport, what generation where they?

I am almost certain they were pre-2006 passports.

Replacing the photograph was not that hard.

The important part is they were likely using it to escape iran and come to the west.

We do not know that.

The malaysians do not have the wherewithal to run something that complicated.

It is tuned to -- too soon to say.


This could be a simple -- they wanted to travel to a country -- exactly.

That is common.

It is way too early to be ruling anything out.

It is very early to be speculating on anything.

There is no way the malaysians have the capacity to reach inside iran and figure out the true history of these two characters.

We are glad you were here today.

I want to break in here and

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