Facebook Drones Fight Google Balloons to Rule Web

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March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Former Engineer for Naval Sea Systems Command Michael Toscano discusses the use of drones by tech companies on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

With the lich uses for drones, but what about the report that facebook is interested by tightened aerospace.

What do they make?

What they have is an unmanned aircraft system that can fly above 55,000 feet.

Therefore, what they will use it for if the deal goes through is allow them to have communications with many different parts of the world.

In this particular case, this technology has been demonstrated back in 2010. the department of defense work on a program called bircher -- walter that was to fly for five years at high altar to -- altitudes and would allow them to have internet in the parts of the world that do not.

A drone that can provide internet access.

We should think of it like a satellite?

Hello orbiting satellite that has the ability to maneuver within the band they want to to sell for the conductivity of communication.

If you look at africa, those that skipped a generation of cell phones.

They never put power lines or hard cable lines in the ground.

Now they have cell phone coverage.

This is the exact same thing they will do with the internet, skip a generation of the internet and now go through low-flying orbital satellites that are called unmanned aircraft systems or drones.

How would this compare to what google has been focused on?

Both of the companies are more interested in more people using internet around the globe.

What google is doing is they were looking at balloons that would fly at the higher altitudes that would allow them to again use it as a relay that would allow them to have conductivity to provide internet service to places right now that are denied that because there is no infrastructure that would allow that to happen.

I think the titan aerospace is a better model because it has the ability to maneuver whereas the balloons are flying along in space.

Where do governments come into this story tom especially if facebook will be using the drones in parts of africa?

Where does the government have a say?

The faa, the airspace that we exist in, only regulates up to 60,000 feet.

These systems would fly above that in the suborbital phase so there would not be regulation.

The only thing they have to contend with is getting up to that altitude.

Interesting stuff.

Michael fasano, president of the

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