How Does This Visual Storytelling App Work?

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July 1 (Bloomberg) -- Storehouse CEO and Co-Founder Mark Kawano discusses the company’s visual storytelling app on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome back to "bloomberg west." i'm emily chang.

Is the ipad merely a tool to consume content?

If so, one company is trying to change that.

It is one of nine apps that won a prestigious designing award.

Joining me right now is the founder of storehouse, a former senior designer at apple.

A storytelling app.

What does that mean, how do you use it?

Storehouse allow people to share videos, pictures, and text here people wanted to tell stories that went beyond a single photo, what also did not want to write a blog post, put photos and videos together and lay them out in an interesting way.

Is like an extended version of imovie?

It allows you to create something closer to a magazine article but allowing some video in their really as the multimedia element to this.

Ipad sales are dropping.

You are only on the ipad.

Is that a concern, will you expand beyond that?

We are looking to expand to the other platforms.

We do still think the ipad is a great device.

When you look at how the younger generation adopted it, we are hope all that it will open a creation for a lot of people.

You have unique experience because you were a designer at apple and also a user experience evangelist, which means that you helped other companies develop apps for ios.

That's right, one thing i did was really trying to help people take advantage of apple's unique technology and hardware to push the boundaries of software.

Thinking about what publishing could be on an ipad, thinking about the touchscreen, fast graphics processor.

People are using this in some unique ways.

Talk about that.

We are seeing everything from a girls night out, take a lot of photos, weekend backpacking trips.

Also see how some professionals have adopted it.

There are award-winning photojournalists using it, documenting expeditions, deep photojournalism stories, cooking recipes.

That is the most exciting part, seeing the variety of stories that have been told so far.

When it comes to the design, what do you think about ios 8 and where johnny ives has taken it?

Really excited.

I think ios 7 set up a nice foundation and 8 will add some polish that perhaps 7 did not have.

As a user, i am hoping that things will get uttered.

You say some of the coolest features are not there yet.

What are you thinking of?

We see what is behind the scenes at the developers conference.

We have not seen the big unveiling of things at the consumer standpoint.

Since i am not at apple anymore, i do not really know, but i'm always excited about my former colleagues in what they are working on.

There has been a lot of talk about the state of innovation at apple.

How optimistic are you that they still have some more great, world changing products in them that are coming soon?

I am very optimistic.

My friends who i talked to are excited, they are quiet, which means they are working hard on a bunch of things.

Storehouse recently raised $7 million.

How will use the money?

We are looking -- we are looking to get a great team here in san francisco, we want to do more on the phones and on the web as well.

Who are your main competitors?

There are not a lot of folks working on the photo storytelling space.

There are some working poor writers, products on the web, but we do not see many other apps doing the same thing on the iphone or ipad with photo storytelling.

We will keep our eyes on you.

Thank you for joining us.

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