High-Tech Superfly Cleats Race to Win at World Cup

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April 25 (Bloomberg) -- Nike Brand President Trevor Edwards discusses the company’s new “Superfly” soccer cleats on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Everybody thinks it is super cool.

Explain this technology to me.

Why does it make them perform so much better?

This is a great boots.

Good afternoon.

Good to talk to you.

We are excited.

This is a really key launch to us.

It is designed with technology for the fastest layers on the pitch.

What makes this project so fast is it has a great areas.

It really holds the foot down to make sure that it grabs the heel.

It helps to get propulsion.

It also gives a special stud configuration that helps somebody that wants to go fast.

It is a great new projects.

We are really excited.

I promised i will like it, too.

His issue for the athlete or the fans?

I'm guessing you haven't way more -- you have way more fans than people playing at that high available.

The great thing about the ball is that it is the never once poured around the world.

Everyone is intrigued and excited about the world cup.

We're going to create routes for the players.

The idea that we are able to bring the product to the marketplace and create lifestyle opportunities.

It is part of how we want to grow the business and market.

Doesn't make sense for you to make this big of an investment?

When it adidas is the sponsor of the world cup, you are almost in the house and adidas, no?

It is not about our competitiveness.

It is not how we win with consumers.

We use the energy of the world cup to win with our consumers and to reinforce our position as the leading brand in the marketplace.

For us it is really about making sure we get that message to our consumers.

Launching this new product we are super excited about it.

It really is truly a revolution.

How fast is the soccer apparel market growing here in the u.s.? in the u.s. it is actually growing at a pretty good rate.

Single digit rate.

The market is growing.

We are seeing obviously more more people get interested in the football business.

That is because you are seeing it a lot more on television.

Clearly it is a big day to celebrate for you and the whole nike team.

Last week there has been some conflicting reports around this fuel banned business.

Can you explain what is happening?

The project is trailing the fit bits and other projects like it.

When we launch the fuel band we lost it with one purpose.

Our objective was to really help everyday athletes do more.

The fuel band has been very successful in connection with consumers.

We believe that we can actually bring that -- we believe we can bring that experience to more people.

We have our objective is to take that to 100 million.

We're making sure that we work with more partners to expand the opportunity to more people to

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