How Did This Summer's Movie Season Stack Up?

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Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Hollywood is set for its highest-ever domestic box office haul for the summer season, with $4.5 billion expected by the end of the Labor Day weekend Sept. 2. Bloomberg's Andy Fixmer explains why on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Flops this summer but hollywood is on track to have the strongest summer box office on record.

From our l.a. bureau, andy.

There have been a number of bombs this summer.

Is hollywood setting a new record for flops this year?

I think what has happened here is the pr or buzz of these flops has really overtaken the true strength of the summer that we have had.

You have had some megahits like "ironman 3" that have been overshadowed by flops like "the lone ranger." what we're seeing here is that you have seven movies this summer that have made more than $200 million at the box office if you count "world war z." we are really having a very strong weekend but the lone ranger's, and some of the others have really overshadowed it has been happening.

So compare this summer to other summers.

How does it stack up?

Right, well, at the high end of estimates, we are looking at a box office this summer of about $4.7 billion.

That is a 10% jump from last summer.

That just doesn't happen very often.

That is the biggest jump that people who track these things are telling me that they have seen in many years.

It is a seven percent increase from the last record in 2011. this has been by far and away one of the strongest summer is that hollywood has had in a very long time.

Some studios, paramount pictures is experimenting with premium tickets.

How did that contribute to the total here?

Those are early days.

They are starting to have an effect.

People are definitely watching those right now.

What you are referring to is a $50 ticket that paramount offered for "world war z closed out that allowed -- "world war z" that allowed people to see the movie before it released.

They got extras when it came out on video.

Those things will start becoming more prevalent.

What we did see our higher tickets for imacs and reedy movies.

That did help the -- imax and 3- d movies.

That did help the bottom line.

We are not seeing a huge lift , though they are very consistent.

Any indication that the tentpole strategy might change given how many of them didn't work out?

You know, the thing about this summer is they have learned that sequels work.

That shouldn't come as a surprise.

Going with an original concept like a lone ranger has more risk.

Definitely look for risk-taking more on moderate budget films like something like the miller's which is doing very well in theaters.

It was not a big-budget movie.

That is where the risk is going to go.

When it comes to these big tentpole movies with a lot of special effects and popcorn, it

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