Nexus 7 Review: Does It Beat the iPad?

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Nick Thompson compares Google's Nexus 7 tablet to the iPad. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Sound and parental controls and it's faster.

Is it cool?

It is cool and it shows google is figuring out hardware.

It has a long way to catch up to apple but this is a good device.

The screen resolution is terrific.

The size is good.

The price has gone up a little bit which seems like a reasonable choice.

I think a pretty good day for google overall.

More importantly, how will it live up to the ipad?

Will people buy it?


I did -- ipad has a stranglehold on the tablet market but it is possible for competitors to match the set up here it they caught up against what seemed like an insurmountable lead.

But what google's strategy is is to partly sell these devices and show what can be done to compete with apple.

Google cares less about selling its own tablet than it does about creating diversity inside the tablet competition so that there is room and expectations for others to build and build -- to build android tablets.

What really wants is the future to be on android tablets, whether it's it's on the nexus seven or not grade what will you be looking for in the update?

We had an update today and it doesn't seem to be that exciting.

Parental controls are great for those of us who have children, but people weren't really excited about the android update.

The key thing for android, they -- the key thing will be the ability to continue to get apps and have it operate smoothly.

The perennial question for android is the trade-off in the bargain they made at the beginning -- can you have an operating system that works effectively on phones of all different sizes and capabilities?

They are getting better and better at having this smooth experience.

Apple has an operating system made for one phone controlled by the same company.

Google has an operating system made for a zillion phones.

As you manage the operating system, that's the key thing to keep in mind.

What about this chrome cast dongle?

Is this a well played by google?

I don't think it's going to sell a ton, but it's interesting device.

It is you a fraction of the features of apple tv for a fraction of the price.

$35 is a good price.

It is sold in a wire and you would hope they would go to price power in another way.

It doesn't have anything revolutionary, but for $35, it does something pretty cool.

If you like watching tv on your computer or phone, now you can watch it on your television.

It's great for cord cutters.

There will be some mark it, but

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