How Does China Espionage Against U.S. Work?

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May 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Mike Riley reports on China’s alleged hacking into U.S companies on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

That is a good question.

One of the things they are not hoping to a cobblers is to get these guys in a u.s. courtroom.

-- not hoping to accomplish is to get these guys in the u.s. courtroom.

What this is more likely about is to create a public record, a document in a court that has a body of evidence that the u.s. has been electing in some cases for years about how this espionage, specifically chinese espionage, against u.s. companies work.

They want to make a decision between the kind of spying the nsa does and the kind of spying china does, which is targeting copies, targeting their technology, and handing that two chinese companies so that they can better compete.

They say that is outside the bounds, and a totally different approach to this.

Could china respond by further indicting nsa hackers?

They could.

It will be interesting to see what china possibly move is full -- china's next move is.

This has been a chess game for years.

They began a series of speeches in 2012, 2013, by senior administration officials to really call out the chinese for this.

They were getting ready to do a very high level rollout of the strategy, which may have included these indictments the year ago.

That is one of the stuff from edward snowden dropped.

The conversation suddenly changed and it sucked all the oxygen out of the room.

It looks as if the u.s. wants to change the conversation back to chinese cyber espionage.

Is there any chance that the u.s. could bring these chinese military officials into a u.s. courtroom act?

Almost no chance come unless these officials decided they wanted to take the risk and travel outside china.

In all likelihood that is not going to happen, and china is not going to hand them over anymore than the u.s. would hand over hackers working for the nsa on officially sanctioned national security missions.

What about those chinese companies are were listed, weren't named, and they benefited from the trade secrets?

What happens to those companies?

It has always been a little bit of a question what china does with all this information that it steals.

We know for a long time that they have been targeting u.s. companies.

The question is what they do with it.

They laid out step by step the way that this information has been handed over to chinese companies, and in one case, a chinese steel company hired these chinese military hackers on the side to help them build a database to store the stolen information.

The indication is that these are co-conspirators to a criminal act, and yet these are companies that do business internationally . that is what the question is in terms of the next step in what happens to these chinese companies.

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