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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Clay Johnson, co-founder of Blue State Digital and CEO of the Department of Better Technology, discusses how to fix the technical problems plaguing He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


It is meant to help millions of americans signed up for the health care exchange.

There were lots of glitches.

What went wrong?

My guest adjoins me via skype from atlanta.

What exactly went wrong?

Two things went wrong.

One, the lack of technical leadership over at health and human services.

Second, a lack of available and good contractors to do the work at this kind of scale.

You are saying the government should be opening this up to smaller businesses?


For the most part, what government can do is only dedicate a bit of time to run what is called a procurement.

The way the government buys things is very broken for small businesses.

What happens is government can only select because of the compensated regulations about 10 or so dodgy firms to build stuff like this.

They cannot get smaller businesses more innovative on the stuff to build this.

They do not have people on the inside to do it either.

People aside, what is the problem with the technology?

Is it the site is getting overloaded?

Can it not handle traffic?

That is a valid excuse for the first couple of days.

You see a lot of her websites do the same kind of thing where they launch something in a public way and the website will crash.

Pc that would lots of different companies.

18 days in, there is more to it than that.

There is sloppy architecture on the inside.

There certainly sloppy architecture on the outside.

Any web developer can take a look at the source code of the website and they are able to see that it has not -- it has been built by what i would call "rookies" to a certain extent.

Ukulele was not tested for win out.

-- it clearly was not tested before it went out.

I would be reluctant to offer any suggestions without seeing it myself.

I suspect that the first thing have got to do is figure out where the problems are.

The problems are probably and integration.

Remember this is something that has to talk to a lot of different federal systems.

A different -- a lot of different old databases that may not be operating at the level of scale matters necessary -- at the level of scale that is necessary.

This website has costs or hundred million dollars at least.

How much more will die government spent to make it perfect?

Interesting thing is that throwing more money at the problem often does not work.

If you want a large i.t. project to fail, throw a lot of money out it.

If you want a product to fail miserably, to a lot of money at and put congress in charge of the deadline.

I think for us as and the american public, say wait a minute.

It seems time after time these large i.t. procurement really fail.

We have got to save his playbook

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