How Do New York City’s 1% Make Their Money?

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April 22 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Off The Charts," Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu highlights what makes up the income of New York City’s one percent on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

Owners and lawyers and accountants.

This is dated numbers.

I found it interesting how these guys made their money.

You know they talk about using the money to make money and having their money work for them.

The majority is doing that but 40% is from actual wages.

A quarter is from capital games area business income, you have 10%, and greg highlighted all these findings in his column.

The caveat is this is for 2011 and is based on -- a lot of rich people make it a point for a certain number of days.

Classless as it take to get to the one present.

In terms of income, thousands of dollars in the city.

The average income is a lot higher.

It is about 2.5 million dollars.

Minimum income -- in terms of total income, 91 billion dollars.

It makes up 36% of the city.

Divided among 35,000 people.

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