How Did the Pope Get a Harley?

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Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bonhams Motorcars Specialist Eric Minoff discusses the auction of Pope Francis's autographed Harley Davidson on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)


They usually do not go together in my brain.

He did not exactly go to the loki -- local dealership.

It was given to him on the 110th anniversary of the brand.

The grandson of the harley's founder here are some photos of that happening.

Has the pope written it?

Probably not, but who knows?

What are some of the features that make this special?

It is a 2013 custom model.

It has anniversary features.

It is a stock motorcycle.

A signature on the tank.

As far as managing sales, how much extra interest do you anticipate just because it was given to the pope?

It is hard to gauge how much it is worth.

We have sold plenty of vehicles.

Even a car used by the previous pope.

It is really up to the market to decide.

We priced it at about the same price as a dealership.

You are taking a conservative stance as far as sales go.

What is the most successful celebrity connected motorcycle or car you have seen?

In terms of celebrity history, we sold one owned by steve in queen.


and where he is trying to get out from behind the iron curtain?


He wrote a similar model on the cover of sports illustrated.

The stock model would have been worth $500 and this one sold for 50,000. gimme another example, if you do not mind.

No worries.

Another example, we sold when we did sell the pope's lincoln, we sold a lincoln limousine used by a previous pope.

As a limousine, it would probably be worth $60,000. this example sold for $200,000 and needed restoration.

It was bought by a private individual.

Do you go to paris for this auction?

Where my colleagues u.k. office is.

A lovely spot.

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