How Did Morgan Stanley’s John Mack Get His Start?

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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “5 Burning Questions,” John Mack, senior advisor at Morgan Stanley opens up about his big break into the financial industry and what keeps him up at night on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Miller and we are back with former morgan stanley ceo john mack.

We're back with a segment we like to call five questions.

We asked some personal stuff, but was your first big break?

I worked in the back office of a local securities firm, and i gave me insight and i pursued financial services.

Were you going into finance otherwise?


i was going into industry.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Eating as much as i can eat.

I love it.

Meeting -- me, too.

What keeps you up at night?

Do you have serious concerns or are you worried about duke football?

I am worried about duke football.

I'm worried about our country, the deep freeze in washington.

I am worried there is no compromise.

I am worried that we have extreme positions.

We have a country of 300 million people.

We are a leader of the world in my view.

We need to cooperate.

We need to compromise.

We need to have meetings where we can use -- work out our differences.

It is vitriolic on one side on the right and one side on the left.

What career do you wish you had attempted?

The career that i am in.

Originally, it was going to be in the health-care industry.

I was interested in health care back then.

Here you are years later, health and wellness is important.

How did it become so important?

A lot of it is a credit to christy mack.

When i saw the results of things taking place at duke university, and you come to new york presbyterian, which i and the trustee of, 15, 20 years ago, we did not talk about that at the hospital, and now we building programs on healthy living, healthy lifestyle.

In the washington heights area, we are sending people out to talk about healthy foods.

You go to the local bodega, can you buy whole-grain bread, fresh vegetables?

Our belief is if you can keep them healthier, the main area of health care is the emergency room, which is the most expensive.

The default response is people do not shop healthy because they cannot afford it, but they can, and it is to not have the opportunity to buy it.

Or the education.

People need to get good food, good news.

Where do you get yours?

I get good news from talking to a lot of people and hearing what is on their mind.

I am excited about working with people in their early-30's, how they think about solving problems, creating business opportunities, starting companies, taking risks.

When you watch the bird, do you stream it on your tablet?

-- bloomberg, do you stream it on your tablet?

A phone, a television?

If you come into my office, bloomberg is on 24/seven.

That is the truth.

The rest of the news i get on my ipad is from bloomberg news also . do you feel that young people are approaching business in a

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