How Did China’s Web Crash Affect Social Media?

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Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) –- Grid Ventures Chairman Michael Scissons discusses the impact China’s internet outage had on Social Media with Jon Erlichman and Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Twitter and facebook, a giant part of the world is off-limits for them.

That is china.

How does this affect the largest social media brand to grow in the biggest open market?

I don't think that this has an effect.

Executives from facebook and twitter, one question that kept coming up was about china and their response was straightforward.

We are not there and this is not a huge focus for us.

There are other areas we are going for.

It is complicated to be there and they are not there, they want to divert back attention.

Global digital marketing, this is global in 2 ways.

Global and china.

A lot of these companies really market independently of the global digital organization because of all these changes, and the different set cultures.

Let me follow up with that.

When a brand looks at working with ali baba or baidu, does that change after today knowing that they won't have the access that they want to get to where they will have access at all, trying to have more direct contact?

I was on e-mail earlier today with my friends in china, asking about the marketing perspective.

Their response for a small sample with three people was really, none.

We will be back online and life will return to normal.

We are not changing programs dramatically and we are spending a lot of time talking about things that won't have a long- term effect on our business.

The critical difference again is how these big companies work in marketing campaigns.

Facebook and twitter do global deals but global deals outside of china because they are not there.

The chinese marketing organizations have a lot of control over how they market to consumers in their country.

John, does this give facebook and twitter ragging writes about technological promise?

I think that today, they actually have this opportunity, even if there is an immediate opportunity for them to jump in, to champion their platform.

Any technology company prides themselves on always being on, always running.

In the case of wei wau earlier --pronounced it in my kadian fortis, with you and michael, this is the reality.

We freak out when twitter or facebook have a hiccup or even a few minutes and you are talking about possibly not being able to get on their for a few hours.

This is a big deal.

It opens the door for what facebook and twitter are, potentially.

Aside from the ipo and the politics surrounding it.

And a challenge to get in those markets.

How do global brands deal with the censorship of their potential chinese consumers.

They really focus on doing local marketing in china.

The marketing and china -- in china is unique.

They connect with customers in that market.

A lot of the decision-makers in new york have limited or not any knowledge with how the process takes shape.

They work on building materials for the laws of the land, the same way as when we are talking about canada and the u.s., they have their own advertising standards and their own local rules and just like other countries, people operate within them and find ways to market to consumers.

They don't mind the

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