How Deep Is NSA Spying’s Impact on Trade, Business?

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Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg international correspondent Hans Nichols examines concern that NSA spying in Germany will impact the business of U.S. internet companies abroad. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

We go now to hans nichols from berlin.

I guess the question is now -- the backlash from the spying scandal, is it giving a competitive edge to the more domestic companies as opposed to american companies?

That has always been a danger, because of concerns -- because of security concerns, they think that with the cloud they will move to german-based companies.

It seems to be churning slowly.

Every day we get a drip, drip, drip, most recently john mccain called for the resignation of keith alexander.

It seems like it is bubbling up and there is more interest in having a german internet.

That is a real danger, this story jumping over to become one of industry and corporations.

No question that there is implication for the business world.

The transatlantic talks on trade between u.s. and europe are held as once in a decade or many decades.

A big deal that they start to take off, is there going to be any real impact?

There could, right?

Uncertain provisions of data sharing that could slow things down.

It may affect the trade talks, it may slow and impede their progress and in general everyone wants to get this deal done because it means more growth for both.

I know that tom is bored with trade stories.

Generally we will do them once per quarter, so we can talk about this again in two and a half months.

I will be reading all the trade stories so that you do not have to.

They are not boring.

I remember the day after the state of the union and this was announced.

The european ambassador to the united states joined us.

They were ecstatic.

It was hailed as something so major.

Symbolic and economic.

Europe needs economic stimulus.

It is reasonable.

Is this going to be multilateral or bilateral trade talks?

Are we trying to get back to delhi?

It will be somewhere in between.

That is the problem with it.

That is why this will take so much longer, the french will have an objection about their cultural preferences, their movies.

There may be something about the size of a license plate.

When you look at those things, it is not tariffs, those are easy to get away with.

It is regulations and how you harmonize them in vastly different economies.

Hans nichols, you can come on

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