Iovine and Jobs: How Deep Are Apple's Beats Ties?

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May 12 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Ari Levy reports on the proposed Apple and Beats Electronics deal. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

In the studio.

The beads founder was very close with -- the beats founder was actually very close with steve jobs?

He was one of the people who strategized with steve jobs as to how itunes could be part of the music industry.

They would not have launched itunes if these he bled not come up to be with steve jobs -- you may have been listening in the same audience, too.

Two less fanfare.

Is there the sense that hollywood in the music industry is still mad at apple about the deconstruction that came out of itunes?

There is a sense that we have evolved since then because apple's dominance in the music industry has become so commonplace.

Remember, this came after a time in which music downloads were not even business for it.

It was recently stealing.

Apple created a market for something that previously was viewed as theft.

Industry, even though they may not like the pricing structure, they like that apple was willing to work with the industry to create a model.

So, how much does apple have music insiders now -- dr.

Dre and jimmy iv, being part of the product?

They have not had product getting the licenses.

Where they have had difficulty is their streaming product where pandora dominates or spotify.

They have not been able to get the users in a competitive market.

Are they using bweats to get more muscle behind it with branding and marketing dollars?

Is iovine is staying on, will dr.

Dre be part of it?

Word is iovine will stay on.


dre -- he is the first hip-hop billionaire, so he can do whatever he wants.

The world is his oyster now.

I wonder -- very much against this deal, finding out that beats is its own iconic brand, it is a higher business, and you may not expect apple to have this year?

I have been hearing for years the question, why does apple not get into the hardware business?

Never did i hear the name beats ,. people like that they are getting into the business.

This just may not be the way there were hoping.

I wanted to ask about samsung.

The chairman had a massive heart attack over the weekend.

How much is he involved in the day-to-day?

What is the latest on his condition?

Obviously it's a very serious situation.

There is a lot of analysis of the future of samsung given that the family has so much control.

His son has stepped in to take control, but there is a huge ownership the us.

There is been a lot of discussion about what the succession planning is.

Also with regard to these things, they probably know a lot about the sales of beats because they saw so much not just on the apple website, but the apple store as well, being the principal retailer for these headphones.

Yeah, but it also raises the question, what is this happens to competitive headphone players in the market?

That is not a question being asked a lot, because it is a smaller market than streaming.

All right, thank you for

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