How Conductiv Is Modernizing the Retail Industry

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Dec. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Conductiv CEO Jeff Saunders discusses the company's business model and the mobile software commerce industry with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

They say they need to take the best parts of the online world and fold them into the store experience.

The ceo of conductive spoke to mark crumpton.

We are focused on building mobile apps.

We started in seattle with a bunch of experts in the space who are used to building mobile solutions.

We focused on a classic problem in retail on the sales side for both ends of the cycle, the supply chain.

In-store and on the brand side.

The plumbing you are talking about is the connection in between and how our apps interact between a retailer and supplier.

We know that brands and retailers are connected digitally.

How do you help manage that real-time information and keep everyone on the same page?

Because we are a mobile application, not a web portal, on the supplier side, we are modernizing a specific piece of that business.

We are taking the digitization of the catalog which happens today, which many are addressing, and connecting them into ordering and a swordsman and landing functions for pre- seasonal sales, which is that once a year cycle.

That has controlled the inventory cycle for all retailers.

We are focused on providing those associates in the field with real-time data, getting that information back to the factory for the inventory to be built and shipped in time.

How do you differentiate yourself from competitors like square, lightspeed, etc.? we are on both sides of the supply chain.

On the pos side, others focus on transactions and payments, but we are moving upmarket with our mobile sales application.

We do not refer to it as a pos, even though it has that functionality, so we are moving upmarket where we install equipment in stores which connects to current systems, and can be done in a matter of days.

We augment the current pos with mobile capability.

We do that real-time and enhance it by doing additional connections back into the e- commerce extension, which brings brick-and-mortar back into the store.

Your company is projected to grow 100% through 2016. what data is supporting these projections, and how does a company position itself or growth in an economy that is still sluggish?

First of all, we are still just starting.

Only one of our products is in the market, the companion mobile sales application.

The brand catalog is just entering the market now in the fourth quarter.

We have been successful with vna snadvans and wranglers so far.

There are a lot or retailers and suppliers out there suffering with that fast paced technology movement, and what the client's expectations are coming in.

How much funding are you receiving, where does it come from?

All of our funding has come from the founders and one traditional vc.

We have these two products now entering the market.

Your company believes that retailers and suppliers can improve their sales margins and the in-store experience through collaboration.

How does that impact competition, and who is embracing the concept?

Right now on the mobile sales side, in-store, hickory farms, mountain high outfitters, beats.

Those are all current clients.

We have managed to get wireless mobile capability into ford's h ands.

Now they are going to trade

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