How Competitive Will Verizon Be After Intel Deal?

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Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Crayton Harrison and Jon Erlichman discuss Verizon’s agreeing to pay less than $200 million to buy Intel’s Internet-television startup. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

I don't know about you and i definitely don't know about you, but i never have enough time.

I have three kids, a crazy job.

I am constantly trolling for anything in the world that can make my life easier and i imagine that you are too.

Linkedin has some ideas for all of us.

David daniel roth, executive editor joins us with some of the highlights.

Thank you for for adding me.

What are some of the people saying?

What's we asked some of the most successful people in business to tell us how they are more reductive.

We asked them to rate how productive they were and almost all of the influencers said that they were insanely productive.

Only one said not reductive at all.

There are a couple.

You have guys like t boone pickens and diego rodriguez who is a partner.

They said to use your people wisely.

T boone walks around every office and, with -- have you got anything?

He hears tips, he hears ideas.

He can be much more reductive.

I find when i stop and talk to people, i become that much less productive.

If you are stephen cohen and you walk into someone's office, that might be helpful.

Some good old-fashioned conversation.

Rodriguez says a similar thing, and he says that you never stand when you could be sitting.

He says, never e-mail when you could be having a phone call, never have a phone call when you can video chat.

He only uses e-mail when he has to.

I agree with that.

I don't know about the video chat thing because i am not fully embrace that.

I think -- it is much better than e- mail.

You get that contact and that direct connection.

There are people, you have people like trish, you said you are a big fan of using the airline applications.

What that they done for you in terms of making your flights?

Can i make my flight?

Yes, you don't check any bags.

I never check a bag.

I learned the hard way when i was on my way to the canadian sub arctic and i had very special weather gear and the airline lost it.

That's it.

I will never check a bag again and i have it.

I married in italy.

Wedding dress, everything went into one carry-on.

Wasn't made of some kind of special material?

It is fair to say that she is different.

When you think about what it done.

I use this app called cam card.

Anat that scans the card.

It increases the productivity so much.

Previous contacts that would end up in the bottom of my desk, i am using them to do business.

Another example of people using them in an opposite way is turning their machines.

You have a guy who was an unproductive writer who said that he had to put inan app to shut him down.

He was writing a book and you need to focus on his writing.

He said, how can i do that.

He cannot connect to the internet unless he puts his computer off and then back on.

This is interesting.

If you are doing something like a book, you cannot be getting interrupted.

Adderall works.

Nobody suggested that.

We have to think about her own internal clocks.

She gets up at 4 a.m.. does it make it more productive?

Richard branson only wears one contact lens.

He used his glasses as a way -- he started using just one contact lens so he does not have to wear glasses at all, he discloses one eye and he can read.

He opens the other so that he can look far.

Think about, timely saves -- think about how much time he saves.

There was a good one.

Maynard webb said that he will not take coffee with people.

A lot of people say, what if we just went and get coffee.

You cannot have coffee with him unless you give him an e-mail explaining everything you want to talk about.

He does not feel like socializing.

He thinks they are a waste of time.

Arnie sorenson is saying make every meeting count.

He is right.

How many do you go to?

If you are being more productive and the way you answer is no dillydallying, that makes sense.

This starts every day.

The meetings can only last seven minutes.

That is the way they do this.

Like a tv segment.

Seven minutes you are done.

Thank you very much.

We appreciate it.

You can connect with me on linkedin.

That is an old screenshot.

Thanks to your influence.

A lot of fun to do.

I want to know, what are your productivity suggestions?

I also like to do a electric razor.

I can do that while i do other stuff in the morning.

It works.

Coming up -- verizon announced that it is tackling pay-tv with their acquisition.

I am julie hyman with some breaking news on blackberry.

They are exploring the sale of the majority of its canadian real estate holdings.

At the same time, the ceo says that the company is committed to staying with its headquarters in waterloo in ontario, canada.

They will be raising some money through the sale of these holdings.

Blackberry not commenting on how much it might raise in this sale but it looks like investors are happy about it.

The shares rising in the after- hours, actually above $10 a share share for the first time since last september.

It has all ready gotten a leg up in today's session on news of the government, on a department of defense contract.

That is giving no shares another leg up on the news they will be trying to raise some capital on the sale of real estate.

Let's move on to our big story.

Verizon and the future of tv.

The company reported first- quarter profits that beat analyst estimates and announced they added 1.6 million subscribers.

Less than last year.

One .3 million forecast.

-- one point 3 million forecast.

They agreed to acquire an intel internet tv startup.

They will have programming over a high-speed internet connection making it a three to cable companies that use dedicated lines.

For more on how this could take up the pay-tv market.

We have jon erlichman and our television editor.

How competitive could this actually make verizon?

It is really fun to look at the chess pieces in the world but his pay television.

Absolutely could make verizon more competitive.

Right now we are talking about the potential consolidation in the cable world.

If you are verizon and you have your files service, how do you compete?

This is a service that became available because intel threw in the towel and said, this really isn't our business.

This is the content rights for offering a service like this.

Verizon already has the content rights.

There are about 20 or so and big ones like new york, philadelphia, los angeles.

Very quickly, with a service like this you can get into a whole bunch of other markets and maybe with some fancy new technology.

How did intel get started?

Intel was looking across the technology landscape.

This video is a place where they can make the mark and get in with some technology that we have been working on anyway.

All we have to do is reinvent the cable industry.

We would like to have the rights to distribute through the internet instead of through a cable tv system like verizon and comcast.

That turned out to be the challenge.

It turned out to be really hard to get viacom to sign up for this kind of service because they have a great business model right now.

They are charging higher prices every month.

Rather than sign up for service, they got someone to buy it.

They look at the numbers and said this is too much for us to get into.

When you think about what your phone is capable of, versus what your cable system is capable of, i think about my parents, for example.

They kind of bypass them rock band connection.

They are watching everything on their phones.

This is like unlimited data.

I go home to new hampshire and it is quite annoying because i cannot get that wireless connection.

I have to do it on my phone.

Is that potentially the future?

Might people be choosing to get content through their ipad, their phone, or even their television system but not through the actual types in the ground?

That is what intel is trying to get to.

They were trying to rethink the set top box.

You can change the channel.

They're looking at video online.

They cannot get to that will point.

This technology will give them maybe a year, maybe even more advance on what they were working on internally.

Do you hear a lot of people in media talking about rock band over the air, broadband coming down from satellite rather than three lines in the ground?

I think people get frustrated with that old- fashioned cable grid.

It is hard to take with you even though they are trying to make it easy.

That opens the door assuming there are good internet connections.

We will be talking a lot about netflix tomorrow.

They have a pretty good dvd business.

There are some parts that it is frustrating to be reliant on your internet.

Especially if apple will jump into this business.

You hold the phone, you have the apps, why shouldn't of the tv people the same way?

How great would it be to not have to actually walk the physical equipment back to the cable company?

Or call the cable guy at all.


That is progress.

If we can get beyond that, that is progress.

But not for the cable guy.

He will be hanging out with the maytag repair man.

We are looking at what is coming up next.

Coming up on "taking stock" we will be talking about a crisis in syria and the region.

Refugees from the civil war.

There is a peace conference in geneva.

If it does not reach piece, what will he do for the refugees?

I will be speaking to the head of the international rescue committee.

Find out what he is doing to alleviate their suffering.

That is coming up.

It is time to bring you the business behind the media, entertainment, and pop culture.

On paper, "philomena" doesn't look like it would be a good movie, boring.

But it does look like it appeals to cash rich older audiences.

Jon erlichman caught up with the producer.

Steve coogan.

It was put out in wide release in late november.

The weinstein company only has one film in the best film category.

You will see a big marketing push.

Steve coogan read an article about a journalist who helps an older woman figure out what happened to her young son who had cheered given up for adoption years ago.

Not exactly the story that everyone will greenlight in hollywood hollywood.

Here is what he had to say.

This notion in hollywood that they are all obsessed with the 18-24-year-old market because that is where the big money is.

You sometimes hear that other people don't go to the cinema.

Maybe it is because he don't make films for them.

Maybe if you make it for a wider audience, they would show up.

I think that this is an example of that because the box office is doing very well indeed.

There you go, he's feeling a little bit of vindication.

Have you seen "the trip?" no.

But it is very funny.

Lex i have -- i have a movie that you need to watch tonight.

The secrets of the las vegas whale.

I am trying to give matt miller a few blackjack tips.

You can see -- i lost.

I stood on the 17th.

I learned.

You have to.

You will learn tonight.

Bloomberg television is on the markets.

Let's get you caught up on where stocks ended the day.

Overall, it was a relatively mixed day.

On the one hand, you had the imf upgrading the global growth forecast.

On the other, disappointing earnings results.

Some earnings coming out after the closing bell.

It was a mixed bag.

Fourth quarter operating earnings were a beat but revenue came in just under 28 billion.

Gross margins falling slightly as the 2013 outlook fell short of estimates.

One name we are watching is blackberry.

The company is divesting the majority of its real estate holdings.

For more on this, we are joined by hugo miller joining us in toronto.

What is the price tagged in your estimation?

We are trying to get an actual sense of this.

We don't know what this is but it is about 3 million square feet.

Blackberry says they're getting rid of more than three feet.

You could guess that this will be many hundreds of millions.

It would be perhaps more than a billion.

We will add this to our coverage.

But the stock is rising on this news and after hours.

What kind of confidence is it in the ceo?

This will be yet another vote of confidence.

The stocks are up.

What he has done since he took over is talking to investors and much plainer language, not sugar coating the that blackberry has.

He has a plain speaking with a series of concrete steps.

That is what investors wanted.

They finally want someone that can start to make real change and bring in people that they have confidence in.

The u.s. defense department named the company as its primary device that will be used on the new network.

We are talking 80,000 blackberries, put this into perspective.

There was little confusion.

The pentagon was suddenly ordering 80,000 blackberries.

Essentially what is happening is that they are very dominant.

This is with the pentagon crowd.

The dod is launching its new network on january 31. 98% they are hooked up to our blackberries.

Blackberry is gone.

In government circles, they are the dominant force.

Thank you so much for putting blackberry into perspective.

We want to keep you updated on some headlines after the closing bell.

He will be leaving in mid-march.

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