How Companies Use Tech to Track Your Eyes

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Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Carl Korobkin, Vice President of Business Development at Tobii Technology Inc., discusses how the company's eye tracking technology with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

It takes to track your eyes.

Basically we have a sensor that looks at your eye and shoots light added and there is a sensor that can actually track it.

With the google making moves in this arena as well it hence that there is a lot of tech on eyeballs directing the computer.

It all starts with what you are looking on.

It is your vision.

You mentioned the mouse, it was invented 40 years ago.

It allows you to tell the computer what you are looking at.

Fast-forward to 2013, you put a sensor device that now knows what you're looking at so you can interact with it.

If you want want to select something or take an action, you do not have to take a next or action to tell it explicitly.

Where do you see it being used the?

It is the next development of natural use.

3-d gesture, voice, touch.

This combination is what you will see going forward.

As i said, it really starts with a computer understanding what you're looking at.

That is why eye tracking is really a game changer.

It allows you to get that instant relationship with not just your computer or whatever the device may be going forward.

They are paying attention with what is working in advertising and i imagine there are instances where this can be utilized.

Click same thing with the mouse, you can track clicks and so forth so you can think of this in an analogous fashion.

That is how it will be utilized as well.

What kind of costs are we talking about?

There is some hardware involved.

We are the pioneers of gaze interaction and eye tracking technology.

For the last decade come a we have been getting it down to an incredibly small size so you will be seeing this embedded going forward in 2014 into smart phones and tablets.

You will not notice it is in there.

Just as there is a dot on the screen that is a web cam, it will have that kind of profile.

On the consumer perspective, you will just have this device with eye tracking technology built in.

What do you think of google's moves in this arena?

We are thrilled , as are the major oem's in this space.

Samsung recently brought out an eye tracking phone.

You are seeing not just google but everybody is now talking about what's next in terms of technology and eye tracking how the got a lot of attention.

If you are a developer, an investor, you should really pay close attention to this technology.

It's really going to be fundamental in terms of how we will interact with devices going forward.

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