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Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) –- Main Founder Morgan Missen discusses social media and the hiring process after IAC fired its PR executive for a tweet about Aids in Africa. She speaks to Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Obviously, the potentially offensive comment, whatever humor was attempted here was lost on some people, maybe everyone.

What i'm interested in this from a corporate perspective.

Companies hire social media editors to look out for this?


A lot of the companies i work for have a social media policy.

Your first day of orientation, they say if you don't want this on the front page of the new york times with your name and photo next to it, don't write on the internet and don't say it to a blogger or reporter.

And you don't see a lot of those issues coming from google or facebook or twitter employees.

This is a gray area because iac owns a company like college humor, and that type of sardonic about morbid comedy is consistent with their brand.

College humor is a site that pushes up against the limits -- maybe in a sophomoric way, about what is decent, what is funny.

You can watch videos of a kid getting knocked over by a door and say that's not right or it kids should get knocked over by doors.

I'm not saying what she said was funny, but they are offended at another attempt at humor.

Tweeting in a vacuum -- she had fewer than 200 and followers.

One was picked up by buzz feed.

She surely just thought she was talking to her friends and for buzz feed tube take it up and saves the worst tweet of all time.

We know it's not the worst tweet, but because she's it the public relations field, it was really damaging.

Back to my original question -- i feel like a lot of companies when they start to approach those in the media say we need to have a social media person, you probably get those phone calls saying do you have someone in their mid-20s who can tell us how to use twitter?

There are a lot of companies that have a dedicated her some handling the company's tweets read even there we see a lot of issues.

Gogo in-flight wireless had to apologize for piggybacking on it was saying this would not have happened if she could access the internet on her flight.

Even there, we see these falls from every angle.

But that does not prevent having a social media policy or social media manager doesn't prevent employees from making the same mistakes.

Ireland read a piece online today where the ceo of gawker was rephrased -- i don't want to contribute this to him, but an era where anything you say in private or semi private becomes public, maybe society will get a thicker skin and not take everything seriously and look at that jokes that fall on their face like bad jokes that followed their face.

Is there any evidence of that or are things even more sensitive than before because we're not used to seeing private commented public?

Least to really worry about having college drunk photos outcome back to haunt you.

We did see those little bit when facebook first became big and was released.

I had them burned of me.

It was really bad.

I had a cleaner come in that came and took care of these people.

We are not seeing these photos come back to destroy people's reputations grade but we are seeing the tweets, which is something that was not expected.

I think it can only go in the direction of everyone is flawed, everyone is going to make terrible jokes or say things in a vacuum that looked really terrible without a context.

But i agree.

I want to talk about something different but on the hiring perspective -- we saw the chief initial officer at microsoft was named in what seems like a surprising job at this new iac, william morris combined talent agency.

But the common thread is the investor silver lake.

Silver lake work with microsoft.

Silver lake, big investors in silicon valley worked with microsoft to sell skype and worked on a dell deal and now rot him and to do this combined talent agency.

Is a lot of the hiring that takes place in silicon valley really controlled by these groups of venture capitalists who work with executive?

Lex yes.

-- yes.

I like this story because it was passed at a later stage and a private equity firm is involved.

The work he will be doing is still in the wheelhouse.

But it is a counterintuitive move that he would go to a talent agency after microsoft.

William morris is looking at technology to be the new way they build their company like so many companies.

That's the purpose of the show we're doing right now -- lots of companies care about that -- care about tech.

The same for venture capitalists.

If you get an e-mail from a company wanting them to run their finances.

It is kleiner perkins or andreessen horowitz, you're more interested even if it's for the same start up to work for.

It's interesting to see what a role silver lake played.

The founder and ceo of maine, thank you for a much.

There is no escaping the self

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