How Carnival Plans to Attract Millennials

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Carnival President and CEO Arnold Donald discusses how the company is using social media to attract new passengers. He spoke with Bloomberg's Carol Massar. (Source: Bloomberg)

Use technology, particularly social media, to help to right the ship, correct?

Absolutely, and he used it big time, they did big-time international advertising campaigns and overall are doing a lot to bring younger passengers on board, inviting instagram users and families to vacation on board.

With younger passengers, talking about going to places like haiti, where they could help to build a house on the island.

The right be opportunities given today's purpose oriented -- there might be opportunities to do different things there with today's purpose oriented generation.

It is tough to go after things like millennial's. the millennial's are a different group, but so are the folks who are already retired and have never cruised, the reality is we have only penetrated like three percent of the population and there is so much opportunity across all the segments.

We are focused on accessing that.

Also wanting to appeal to younger and potential passengers, carnival uses facebook, instagram, and twitter to launch an ad campaign, the largest in five years, asking passengers to send in videos from cruises they have already taken.

The result was 30,000 responses.

Those videos were used in their national television campaign.

All of those passengers are out there as part of the campaign.

Suite, thank you.

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