How Canva Is Making Design Simple for Everyone

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Melanie Perkins, co-founder and CEO of Canva, discusses the company's online design platform with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Today, back by -- it could become a major disruptor in digital design.

Cory johnson is out on pure three with more.

Eco-founder joins me now to talk about this company launching today.

We've been talking about this for the last few months.

How do you describe the business?

It's an online design platform that lets anyone design professional quality designs quickly and easily.

It combines a library of a million images that may have all the tools to design beautiful things quickly.

I was imagining something like vistaprint aerated but it seems this is a little more evolved.

It's more like an adobe illustrator or photoshop.


It enables you do have the professional quality content at your fingertips grade we have been working closely with designers so we can send clients a link rather than going to court and forward over the e- mail with heavy tdf attachments.

Also people who have had no design experience, it's very simple to learn and you can design very quickly.

This is the whole way our directors usually work with their clients -- it still an evolution from the days when there were exact no knives and waxer's. even online, it did not progressed much beyond e-mailing stuff back and forth that complicated design.

I think that is what is exciting, being able to imagine the way designed should be done from scratch on the internet.

Let talk about the funding and how it all started.

You and i met on the beach in maui where you got your first funding from the very same beach.

Talk to me about how that worked.

I met an investor in my hometown in australia and we had a five minute number station . i jumped on a plane and said you have a meeting with me in san francisco.

Over the coming months, we kept him up-to-date about our ideas and eventually he invested as well as a bunch of other people.

And this event was a bunch of adventure capitalist than the kite boarders getting together to share ideas and go out on the ocean.

Have you continued to get support from that group?


We have such a big vision of what we need to accomplish and we are in the early stages.

Being able to go backwards and forwards and get their advice has been really incredible.

The key thing the existing software is missing is a collaboration or is it the tools?

There are a lot of things -- you are a designer, correct?

I taught design at university and got to learn the ins and outs of design.

It took the semester to learn the ins and outs of basic design.

I realized in the future, it's going to be online and very simple.

That's what we try to do.

We've made it really simple.

It feels -- it takes minutes to feel feel comfortable and getting access to the professional design tools.

The vector graphics.

What is that?

All of the illustration sort of things.

Usually you have to go to a stock photography library and go to a vector library and actually use different tools to do things.

There are like 10 different tools you have to use and we want to integrate that all.

What about typography?

That's another factor in the adobe illustrator world?

We have a lot of beautiful fonts created by designers that people are able to use directly online.

And it's sort of high level, making it look youthful.

We do a lot of things to make the design process as seamless as possible, like automate come in changing from black to white, so it has maximum contrast to the background and making sure images are proportionate.

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