How Can Nadella, Gates Shape Microsoft’s Future?

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Kurt Delbene, former president at Microsoft Office, and Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky discuss how the shakeup in Microsoft’s c-suite can shape the future of the company on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Ballmer is stepping off the board.

He is still a director.

Gates is taking a greater role in product and product development.

How's this going to affect satya nadella's ability to do with he needs to do?

I think it will be a positive.

I think he has a lot of different voices which are complementary and challenge one another.

Steve is such a strong business person and having more of bill's time to be able to engage on the technology side, it is going to be a strong cast of characters to drive the strategy.

I think satya will be the person that will balance off the different priorities and really find what he thinks of as that north star.

He has a strong relationship with both of those leaders and he will be able to do that balancing act in a strong way.

What sort of power does bill gates have over employees?

Is he almost godlike?

I don't know if i would say godlike.

He is certainly revered within microsoft.

There are few visionaries on the planet that have made such a contribution both to the for-profit tech space and nonprofits as well.

I think people look to him for that shining a light, that direction we need to go in.

They look for that spark of genius that you see that he is driving into our products.

And they look for him -- look to him for confidence in leadership.

Let me ask you about what microsoft needs in the product portfolio standpipe -- standpoint.

Where do you see a need for something better?

Them a limited say i think -- there's just no way this relationship with gates and ballmer works as described.

I have to assume this is mostly happy talk and i don't see how any strong ceo is going to be able to talk with a former founder designing products in the back loud and saying, what do you think about this?

Leaving that aside, i think number one is to consolidate power.

Ofthe priority needs to be around in a prizes and cloud services.

They probably need to make some acquisitions in the area.

There are lots of people sitting out there that microsoft can easily acquire.

It would get a lot of it off their back.

They can say that we are going to do this, and that is what i think they need to do out of the gate., microsoft office remains one of the most important divisions at microsoft.

That is a division you ramp it what you think of some of these ideas that might resolve should get rid of xbox, get rid of income a get rid of smart phones and tablets and focus on the enterprise.

What do you think satya nadella should do when it comes to consumer enterprise?

, i think we have a strong set of businesses across the board.

I did want to comment on how it would work with bill and satya nadella.

Nobody gets to a position like president of the office vision or cloud and enterprise without being able to tell bill, thank you very much for the input, i have heard it, and yet we are going to go in a slightly different direction.

It is a mistake to think about this as bill being the sole leader on the technology agenda.

It is about providing satya input, providing a broad set of leaders input into the process.

We do understand how to take that input along with other input.

Why have them, then?

Why have the strong founder there and all the pretense of all of this?

He has been out of the technology industry by his own admission, doing more for the planet for years.

Why try to reinsert him in a time when the company is going through the succession?

It confuses me.

I think there is a great opportunity for him to contribute.

If bill is really going to spend a third of his time weighing in on the technology issues that faced the company, i think that is an incredible asset.

I think his track record alone says that has a great potential for the company.

I think you can lay an awful lot of the blame for microsoft's relative states compared to his competitiveness to the position gates left.

It is difficult to make a strong argument that someone who has been out of the business in every meaningful way for some time and arguably left the company in a position where it had to struggle to figure out its identity is now the right person to play technology visionary alongside a new ceo.

I think that creates incredible problems.

I'm going to ask you really quick, do you hear anything about additional shakeups as well now that one person has been chosen?

Are you hearing about any additional shakeups?

There is a lot of talk about whether people will choose to leave.

It has of everything you guys just said, let's see what happens over the next eight months, not just with people inside deciding whether this is the place for them to be anymore even with steve ballmer and what his role will be.

Come time for the annual meeting when they decide on board seats, we may have more to discuss at that point.

Jon erlichman, our senior west coast correspondent, paul to draw ski, cory johnson --

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