How Can a Modern Jet Plane Go Missing?

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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- John McGraw Aerospace Consulting Founder John McGraw discusses the disappearance of a Malaysian jet liner. (Source: Bloomberg)

Look at this tragedy in the south china sea.

Take us into any given cockpit, given over and over ocean flight.

Howling charlie over a wide ocean -- how linked are they to over a wide ocean?

Do they know where they are in do we know where they are on any given flight?

Well, yeah, they do.

Pilots have multiple systems where they can communicate back to land.

He can be via satellite or high-frequency radio.

There are number of ways they can communicate.

That is the ministry.

Not only to communicate, but after layer after layer of logical redundancy.

There's even a deployable turbine that drops out of the side of the airplane that produces electricity.

There are many ministries here.

I don't want to speculate and rumor in that, but is the telemetry of the south china sea or the malacca strait, the same as going from new york to london?

Are we more wired up across the atlantic ocean and in the agencies?

--asian sees?

They should have the same durability.

That is what is puzzling.

They did not hit emergency or say anything and we don't know if they try to or not.

That is a key question.

Today attempt to select emergency or not.

In a scenario like this, and i asked the question because i actually sat in the 787 cockpit with pilots and they talked about the redundancy.

In a scenario like this, is catastrophic failure the only thing that could possibly make an airliner just completely disappear?

Well, either catastrophic failure or if the flight crew was actually taking action to divert the airplane.

Those are the scenarios you're looking at i think.

Even if they were taking action to divert the aircraft, would there still be a signal sent out to various other sources that would pick up on it?

Well, they could disable the systems.

The pilots can disable the systems so they are not sending out that signal.

Why would a pilot ever do that?

That is an unknown.

We have had two accidents that were major airline accidents where pilots flew the airplane into the ocean or crashed the airplane.

I don't know whilst they would do that.

We have headlines.

At the press conference, the company says a boeing 777 can fly below the radar as long as it has fuel.

That is a new twist to this, even as the searches are in the south china sea and malacca strait and said they can answer any questions about the black box.

It looks like the aircraft technology is so advanced, yet we can't get beyond the questions without the black ox.

It leaves us with a quandary because the technology is advanced, yet we can't do without basic clues.

What do we not know yet that might really be in the black box?

What we don't know is whether there was a malfunction or not.

There are systems on the airplane that should have told us where it was.

The airplane flying below radar, you can intentionally fly an airplane at low.

But the closer you get to land, primary radar systems usually the cup that signal even at low altitudes.

However, there is the potential since there is no debris field,

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