How BuzzFeed's Revenue Chief Turns Clicks Into Cash

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) –- BuzzFeed Chief Revenue Officer Andy Wiedlin and Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman discuss how BuzzFeed works with brands to create content that people like and share with their friend. They speak to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Revenue officer at buzz feed?

I job is to figure out how to take all of this traffic and make money for the company.

What do you use as your guide?

Old media, new media -- you have sponsored content and original content.

I have been digital media for 15 years and it to me that the only way you could make money was running banner ads or pre-roll.

We think people come to buzz feed to find awesome content to share with their friends.

Instead of interrupting people with banner ads, we create content people can share with their friends so that for the first time ever, brands can do word of marketing and scale.

Is this similar to what went on a 1950's and 60's with television programs that were sponsored by individual corporations and they provided the funding for original programming?

I guess you could argue buzz feed may have taken a page out of that ibook but in a lot of ways, buzz feed is helping to write the rules.

Banner ads never really were that successful.

Brands want to be a part of the story.

Buzz feed has found this way to get people interested about content, which in some cases can be shared with people on facebook more than traditional stories.

If you could give us an example of sponsored and original content from buzz feed?

We work with geico which is a large advertiser and they want their customers to talk about how awesome and delightful it is to be a geico client.

So every week, we publish stories about delightful things.

It could be cued animals or amazing internet means.

We create this content so people who like geico can share it with their friends.

We have a team of 150 editors that publish original stories every day.

It could be hard news or it could be cat and puppy means.

It doesn't matter.

Our goal is to create content people not only like to read but feel compelled to share with their friends.

What is the -- what if the platform changes a little bit?

If people are sharing stories through what's at, what does that mean if mark zuckerberg made it clear that there will be no rush to introduce advertising given that the advertising is already in those sponsored stories?

Does that create an opportunity for you?

I think we are a little bit ahead of occurred.

When people are on buzz bnc an interesting story, we make it interesting for them to share across platforms.

If people like the story, they can share it with their friends across the social web's will stop isn't there a conflict of interest you have to watch?

If you have a company with sponsored content, you are not necessarily going to write a negative story about them, or are you?

Sometimes i wish that was the case.

We have a wall between church and state, so we create content for brands we think is good.

Our editor-in-chief is writing news stories and occasionally, he will write a story about a particular brand that may or not be favorable.

But just like any other media company, we have a wall between church and state will stop with the want to do in terms of original content?

If your viewers are on facebook, they have seen buzz feed has graduated from lists to videos and now one of the big things are these quizzes that seem to be taking the world by storm.

Which -- what city should you be living in?

We want to create on and interesting quizzes for our brands on buzz feed.

If you guys saw the change or developments, what is the next place people will be going to share this stuff whether it is a quiz or traditional news story?

That is a really good question.

People are getting their news from a variety of sources.

Whether it's twitter or pinterest emma buzz feed is agnostic as to where you get your news.

We just want to make it easy for people to start and find content to share or come to buzz feed because they see a story.

Thank you very much for joining us will stop chief revenue officer from buzz he

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