How Big of a Business Is Fantasy Football?

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- CBS Interactive's Jim Lanzone discusses the big business of fantasy football with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

You are going to talk about fantasy football.

For those uninitiated into this world, where did this come from, and how big a business is it?

It has been around probably 35 years now at this point, but it comes from people like me, playing a lot of fantasy leagues, who want to play general manager, who want to act like they are calling the shots on a baseball team or football team.

It is now over 30 million people each year who play fantasy sports.

30 million people in the united states?

They are as dorky as me.

Was this part of the job interview when you decided -- i was playing for years.

For teens -- four teams, what does that mean?

I am drafting a team, managing the roster, competing against friends -- against friends, mostly for private.

I have a first-place team and a last-place team.

What about playing fantasy football, turning into a commercial business?

You can play it without an intermediary.

The big three are cbs interactive, yahoo!, and espn.

The industry is over $1 billion of revenue a year.

We are little bit different.

We are one of the geekier sites.

We have over 1000 different ways you can customize it.

We actually charge over $150 per lead per year for people to play.

Everybody else is just your advertising.

It is a big business.

The statistics, the records of all the players, the teams, this must also be a computing issue.

You have enough trouble stopping to look at your phone all day long.

Our mobile users -- mobile is up 100% this year in terms of usage.

On average, the people who own our app, over 50% use it daily.

I think i have in mind some people who do that.

I am near them in the newsroom sometimes.

I would also like to know -- can you talk about some of the top talent in the fantasy football area?

The number one, can you get the most own player among first- place teams nationally?

Can you guess who it is?

Very common.

Peyton manning.

Of the denver broncos.

You liked his performance last week?

I didn't because i was playing against him.

What about jimmy graham?

Jimmy graham is number two, tight end for the new orleans saints.

The player that is hurting most teams is robert griffin iii.

Is fantasy football it thing that really drives cbs interactive, digital experience, or is that going to shift?

Cbs interactive is a lot of different sites. for our network programming.

We own sites like tv guide, gamespot, music.

We have a big business in china.

We own the number one tech, auto, and fashion sites in china, as well.

All of these things collectively are cbs interactive.

What kind of growth are you seeing overall?

We are doing really well.

Because we are so strong in two important areas -- one is super premium content, things like "the big bang theory" for the super bowl.

C-net in consumer electronics is the easiest example.

As of that, we have been growing did ash double digits in revenue -- growing in double digits each quarter.

You also want to do a 24-hour cbs digital network?

I've heard that rumor.

Nothing to announce.

Is that a lucrative business?

Two things, it is both a business and we set excellence for the network.

He have our own digital newsroom working alongside the people at cbs news.

I want to thank you very much, jim when zone.

56 minutes past the hour.

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