How Big Is the Market for Online Gambling?

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Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Betable founder and CEO Christopher Griffin discusses the online gambling market with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


You know this world so well.

You are based in london.

London and san francisco.

It is primarily where the -- the history of online gambling?

That is part of it.

Most of the operators have been in europe or in one of four offshore jurisdictions.

I think that is really weird.

You would not think of malta as the center of a technology revolution.

They are very favorable to online gambling.

They have very good tax treatment.

They have become very strong tech pubs.

-- hubs.

Our platform has been live for about a year.

We have been thousands of developers.

The plan is next year to start opening it up.

We feel like this is the future of gameplay.

There are some companies that are solely focused on online gaming.

I do not know the status.

Fulltilt is one of them.

What is the status of those big players?

Most of the big operators are aggressively moving into the u.s. the focus has been primarily new jersey.

Nevada is a poker only state.

New jersey allows for any game you find on the casino floor, and then some.

Talk to me -- i have a friend , we will call him daegis pete.

-- vegas pete.

He has made a lot of money playing poker online.

Is that he was playing these games?

Has online change the game?

Poker has changed the game.

The personal interaction -- but the same people playing in the casinos are also playing online.

Online poker is huge.

What do you mean huge?

Billions and billions and billions.

When you look at that -- when you look at what is happening in the virtual world, companies like zynga, tens of millions of players playing with virtual currency.

We bridge the divide and allow those players to play -- interesting stuff.

Some of hollywood's biggest

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