How Big Data, Mobile are Changing Retail Experience

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Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bill Martin, founder at Shoppertrak, discusses the change in retail sales as stores rely more and more on data to combat sales lost to online and mobile. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Is it just amazon or are there other sites as well?

Clearly, the retail sales are closing -- retail sales are shrinking in brick-and-mortar stores.

To me it is too simplistic to say it is just about internet.

I go nuts now.

I am spoiled third i go into a brick-and-mortar store and they don't have my size and they don't have what i want, is that a big heart of it?

The retailers have to act and execute.

They have to deliver on their brand promise.

When they see declining number of people's coming into the stores, they have to react accordingly.

Once you get there and you have decided to spend money on their store , they have to convert your injury buyer.

Given some of these transit you're predicting and also the shortened holiday season, what are retailers doing now to prepare the strategy for the season?

Not only are they looking at the behavior of shoppers around the community and the malls and near them, they are beginning to want to understand how to react and behave once again in the store.

We see them using video analytics or using some of the mobile analytics combined with a perimeter counting and give them the sense of what they should be doing at the store level.

Can you tell i am a tall dork when i walk into a store?

If i was in the store perhaps i could.

It is really just anonymous data.

We are looking at volumes of people coming into the door.

If we want to get more specific, that information is available on the sampling type basis.

Online sales is a straight line up as we mentioned earlier over the next couple of years.

Mobile sales is going to make up an increasingly bigger part of that.

Your research must show that people are unwilling to buy certain things over their phone, right tackle it probably does.

When we say two point four percent increase, there are can it be some winners and losers.

That is up to the individual retailers to figure out how to solve problems.

Apparel, is that something people will buy over the phone?

What we are seeing is retailers wanting to use all mechanism of technology to reach the consumer.

They are trying to organize their process to include mobile, to include online.

Many retailers are trying to sell online to get them to the store to come pick up the product.

It gives them a reason to come to the store and gives him another chance to sell the product while they're there.

It is probably early to start changing your format based on the technology that is available.

It is more important to change your behavior in the stores to make sure you are delivering a quarterly -- a quality experience.

I noticed that kmart aired a commercial already with a gingerbread man.

I suppose there is such a thing as early as created an uproar.

In the classic movie the christmas story, which i've seen a dozen times, they shouted in cleveland at a downtown mall.

The family goes in, those days are gone.

You guys know more about malls and anyone.

Are those days dead?

Where are the kids going?

If you live in new york, they are a novelty.

We love malls, but what you see happening are the retailers promoting earlier and earlier.

We don't see it is doing them any justice.

We see them draw more of the holiday sales in november and robin from december.

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