How Big a Hit Could Disney's `Frozen' Become?

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Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on the potential box office success for Disney's "Frozen." He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

There's. it is a huge hit.

Jon erlichman is with me now.

I know you have two princesses of your arm, i do not know if they're going to go see this movie, but disney, you're probably going to be there.

How important is this for disney?

They have had a pretty good storyline going on the past two days.

They decided to put a press release where they highlighted that they generated $4 billion at the box office this year.

They did that with a bunch of different brands.

This is the one that everyone thinks about, the traditional animation studio of walt disney.

They had a pretty good street this -- street recent -- sre streak recently.

They go after the marvel movies with "iron man." they go after the pixar brand with "monsters university." the more hits you have, the less familiarity investors have with the weak ones.

People talked about "the lone ranger" over the summer.

It is freezing here.

It is a great weekend to go to the movie.

"frozen" up against "the hunger games." which comes out on top, lions gate or disney?

"the hunger games" has generated more than $200 million at the walks office.

It has a head start on "frozen.

" lions gate is winning on this franchise.

Investors know the stock sold off as soon as the film came into theaters.

The big story with lions gate is going to be can they get interest in what could be there next franchise.

Anyone to go sees this film will see their trailer for the next film "divergent." if you liked the first two, don't worry, more to come.

John erlichman joining me from l.a. making of entertainment, jay-z

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