Belvedere's Latest Move in Vodka vs. Bourbon Wars

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Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Charles Gibb, president at Belvedere, talks with Tom Keene about building the Belvedere brand in the $5.5 billion per year U.S. vodka market. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Late yesterday afternoon.

It is distilled four times and used with water from an artesian well that is not in brooklyn.

Your bottle is this gorgeous red bottle.

An important charitable event.

This is our third year of partnering with red, an organization started by bono in 2006. for every one of the red bottles that someone buys him of belvedere donates 15% of the profits to fight hiv-aids in africa.

Behind it is the product and the premium nature of it.

Belvidere is the first luxury vodka into the u.s. market, and basically globally.

We take the raw ingredient, which is rye, and distill it four times, and then we add our own artesian water.

You bring up rye, which has been increasingly popular.

Why is vodka falling so far behind when it comes to clears versus the brown liquors?

It is still the largest category in the united states.

It is not growing as fast.

It is still growing, and growing off a much bigger base already.

I think belvedere is extremely well-positioned because of the rye character.

Stephen joyce jump in here.

You go to a bar, and beer is in last place.

Is it good for you and the kids are all drinking rye and whiskey/ ? that is because tom is hanging out at the carlisle.

[laughter] n not craft beers.

I think there is a movement towards better alcohol in general.

You have premium brands that have led the way.

I have sold a lot of your brands and hotels.

They are in the minibar.

Hotels have bars in them.

We have sold a lot of his product.

They were the first luxury brand out there.

What is a bigger profit, people drinking out of the minibar or the bar downstairs?

Minibar is way profitable.

Beyond your wonderful event with red, what is the plan to take on the other vodkas?

First and foremost, we just launched an advertising campaign around knowing the difference.

When people know the difference and vodka come if they certainly choose a premium vodka.

When they know the difference, they certainly choose belvedere.

We have a new flavored vision -- version, mango passion.

Absolutely delicious.

That some horrid.

Designed to hit the summer of patien ok shannon.

We take a baker's rye and magnify the rye character in the bottle.

That is delicious.

There are different things.

You want to make sure you are feeling right across them spectrum of the marketplace.

The way you do that is to set the standard.

Does that set along shadow in terms of how you market your vodka?


We all look to market across the right premium.

Equally important is the activation we do in bars, hotels.

To bring the user experience to life.

One last question.

Shaken or stirred?


That is like a politician's answer.

If i choose to have a beverage of my choice in honor of you, i will have it stirred.

Charles gibb, belvedere vodka.


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