How Beer Brewers Plan to Regain Joe Six-Pack

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March 3 (Bloomberg) -- MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch InBev AV, after years of focusing on craft beers, are paying more attention to lower-priced beers. Bloomberg’s Duane Stanford reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)


These beer makers say they cannot focus on a high end consumer.

They cannot ignore the low end.

For a few years now, they have in looking at focusing a lot on craft beers and siders.

-- ciders.

Part of that is to try to get better margin as some of the volume has tapered off.

That includes putting the marketing dollars towards those brands as they try to get them off the ground and try to compete better with craft beers.

That is what you see of late.

They are finding that hurts them a little on the low end.

What are they doing to get them back into the fold?

Their land -- launching new ads.

What they want to do is been more so as the consumers start to come back into the market, a lot of these lower and beer drinkers were actually drinking less.

They are hard-core consumers, but they are drinking less.

As jobs come back, they will spend more.

Beer companies are racing to try to get them into their brands and get them drinking their beers before they go to a competitor.

How much money is to be made here?

How big of a market are we talking about?

These beers are the largest segment in the market.

These are close behind.

What you find is that these beer drinkers are very loyal.

They go by 24 packs and stick them in the refrigerator.

Or they have also found is that millenial's into craft beers still buy some of these economy beers because when they are home kicking back, maybe they drink something more affordable with their with their friends.

Trying to look cool and have an image.

They want to drink some of the craft beers.

We will see if that works.

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