How Barclays Center Is Impacting MSG

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Former Madison Square Garden CEO Bob Gutowski discusses New York sports and competition from Barclays Center. He speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


They have a lot of things to feel good about.

They were a big hit.

They had a lot of high expectations.

They probably projected one or two rounds.

That is a big loss of inventory.

A big loss of food and beverage, a big loss of merchandise.

They put that together and that is probably a tough in on the business.

Also, you have to protect those things.

You cannot book concerts so you have the playoffs.

Once that happens, you just cannot put a concert in the building because it is a routing system.

How far in advance our concerts typically -- months.

Months in advance.

You cannot book them if you do not have the dates because you think they might be playoff dates.

Barclays has done a good job.

Obviously, they have their issues as well because they have a basketball team.

They have taken away business more than i think they would have.

I have been somewhat impressed.

The network is really basically unwatchable wants the seasons of knicks and rangers and until they start up again.

I think advertising dollars are probably week.

I'm curious to get your views on the value of sports franchises right now.

The $2 billion valuation that was just placed on the l.a. clippers is pretty incredible.

I asked steve ballmer about it when i spoke with him the day before yesterday and here's what he said.

I like the deal i did.

I would not have made it if i did not like the deal.

I think this is exciting to me.

I think the brand is tremendous.

I think the opportunity is fantastic.

I think the nba will be an appreciating asset.

Up goes the nba.

L.a. is a unique market.

It is a phenomenal opportunity.

When you look at tech companies with no earnings and huge valuations, and a lot of downside, the clippers were a really well valued team to me.

Really well valued.

There are debt companies with market caps at $150 billion that do not make any money.

He could have bought whatsa pp.

What does that do to the overall value?

There is a benefit.

For the most part, people believe in the business that it was a wacky bit.

It was an outlier.

It does not make a lot of sense to bid $2 billion even though it is in l.a. i think you take it with a grain of salt.

It has some impact, but i do not think it has the impact people would think in all leagues.

What does it mean for the knicks valuation?

It has an impact, certainly.

They need another steve ballmer eventually to come in and by the next if it is ever put up for sale.

The valuation roughly $3 billion?

Is that make sense?

Requested good.

Two for the clippers and the garden.

But you have to have a deep-pocketed, x microsoft executive to come in and want to buy it.

How do you get the knicks fans back?

You win.

The fans are there, they still come.

They love the uniform.

They love the players.

They want to win and hopefully jackson will be able to spangle some of his to -- winning dust on the franchise.

If they have a decent run it will be good for the franchise.

It is also having a story?

You look at the l.a. clippers.

This is really america's team and there is a sense even the whole country has been following that story so carefully and closely.

People feel invested with the l.a. clippers.

Do you need that kind of investment from new yorkers in

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