How Bad Is Boeing's Black Eye?

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Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Olivia Sterns, Adam Johnson, Jeff Hayzlett and Julie Hyman wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Let's kick it off.

Boeing just lost its exclusive contract with japan airlines.

Airbus got a huge order for 31 of the a350 jets and an option for 20 five more.

The president for japan airlines says there were four reasons, bottom line, it enters suits their needs.

Listen to the resident.

The a350 is most suited to our needs for four reasons.

We are happy with the high safety standards, the quality material and the customer support system.

It met the timing we needed to start replacing our 777 aircrafts.

Be look at these airplanes side-by-side, they are very similar so you wonder about which really suits the needs and what the going on here.

In the case of the dreamliner, they are working on a longer extended version that will be able to fly farther.

Look at the capacity.

Passengers up to 334 the 787. look at the cost, the boeing 787 dreamliner is actually cheaper on the liver and then the a350. what is the cost of not having another fire on your plane?

That's not on your side-by-side comparison.

Boeing has had an exclusive relationship for wide-body aircraft for 50 years and this is the first time we have seen that change.

I think this is more not the semantics of what flies what and i think this is in your face.

It's always good to have a two vendors at the table to play one off the other and i think that's exactly what they did.

A good move to be able to say we have somebody else, give us a better price or we will go here.

Around they will come back to the table with a sharper pencil.

-- next time around they will, with a sharper pencil.

He took four trips to japan and he wined and dined them at dog those.

-- at davos.

He made the trip up to speak to the executives and... time, the dreamliner was grounded in boston because of the fire.

He struck while the iron was hot.

[laughter] i don't know if you drinks sake.

Billionaire investor carl icahn took his 6% stake in canadian energy producer, talisman.

Following the disclosure, he took to twitter, as he does.

You got him on their.

Thank you.

He is sharing his plans for his latest move with the world tweeting "disclosed approximately 61 million shares in talisman energy.

May have conversations with the management about strategic alternatives." he paid 220 $7 million for that steak and he is taken to twitter to get the word out.

He doesn't need us anymore.

He is using us.

When he speaks, everybody listens.

Now when carl icahn tweets, he listens.

He has only sent dirty nine -- that's it -- and he ranks above miley cyrus, the pope, and just below the president in retweets per 100. he has not even made 100 tweets yet.

Want to get to that level may we will see that come down but he gets like 18,000 per tweet which is pretty heavy.

I've been in it since the beginning.

Maybe he should read tweet the ipo about twitter and it would help them.

If you are his investor relations guy, that has to make you nervous.

He's an activist investor.

This is what he does.

He goes in and he stirs the pot.

You go through and you look at if someone else writes it because some of these guys do.

I actually think he's doing it.

He's definitely writing them.

I agree.

That's really carl.

I'm sure he clears it with all of his people.

He only follows nine people in one of these people is right here on this table and that is you, tricia.

-- trish.

[laughter] if we want to get a message to carl icahn, let's go through you.

Silk scarves, cigarettes.

They may change all of that in an effort to curb smoking across the continent.

A pass new regulations for the tobacco industry including a ban on menthol cigarettes requiring larger warnings on packaging and new limits on advertising for the cigarettes and those will not come into effect until all 28 states reach a compromise on the new laws.

An agreement could come as early as the end of this year.

Europe has already seen a plunge in the rates of smoking.

That's the tough thing about going to europe.

Everyone is smoking.

It's not that way anymore.

They have passed laws and are getting better.

In paris a few years ago you could not smoke anymore.

The irish pubs cut it out on that was a big deal.

A lot of progress has been made.

This is both good and bad news for the cigarettes.

There's a little bit of a limit on advertising but the good news is that they were not ruled to be medical devices.

If they were, you could only buy them in pharmacies and that was the big concern.

The fda says they will not classify them as medical devices that they are set to start deciding on regulation but the bad news there is that it could be delayed because of -- surprise -- the shutdown.

That might be a good rain.

The retailer where you can order a suit and a sirloin.

Rex brothers clothing stores made a button-down shirts a fashion staple opening a steakhouse located right around the corner from the flagship store near grand central station.

They say the steakhouse may open its doors as early as next summer.

Jeff hayslip, this has your name all over it.

I already have my table reserved.

Many times i go when they need a new shirt afterwards so that there is some comparison here.

I still think this is a crazy idea.

I'm not sure if they've thought this thing through.

I don't get it.

It doesn't make sense.

Ralph lauren has a great restaurant in chicago.

Ticked your thing.

If you make great stakes, that's where i'm going.

I don't get it.

Tommy bahama started doing this with a restaurant called islands.

In stores that have the restaurant they generate $2000 per square foot, more than twice.

Because they have a few drinks.

Then they should get out of the clothing business.

The urban outfitters is also talking about opening a restaurant in the store done by a well-known chef, one of these guys who competed on top chef.

Meatballs at ikea.

What was that ipo, potbelly?

They are never going to go out of business.

Mcdonald is now selling socks.

We have your first rate for tomorrow and here's a look at what next for "street smart."

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