How Apple, Android Approaches Impact App Developers

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Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) -- John Borthwick, CEO at Betaworks, explains the differences between the approach to apps on the Apple and Android platforms, how his company manages development for both and what he sees for the future of the industry. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


What have you anecdotally learned with a game as silly as dots?

We released the game in the early spring and i don't think of it as silly.

We've got about 60 million users now.

About 70% of them are apple and 30% are android.

It is another instance where we have seen the incredible uptake you can get organically on these platforms.

You can release a game and we are a small production studio in new york or it we got into the top five of games within the first week.

10 days ago, we were the number one app across the country.

What is the difference between apple and samsung as a platform for games?

It is still ios vs android.

People talk about number of phones sold.

The periods we are seeing that users have on the two platforms are radically different.

We have seen longer engagement on ios, higher volume -- why is that?

You are seeing the byproducts of many things.

The segmentation that apple does of the marketplace in general -- apple has the most active, the most engaged users.

They're using it on the desktop and the mobile devices.

You have seen this q who whole suite of engagement.

The android you have to tie together with the mac so engagement is different.

The kind of users you are seeing are different.

Does it matter which system you develop the games for first?

The big shift today, this year as a developer and game creator is building everything for android as well and one year ago, we were not.

Ios is still the first-class citizen.

When you are talking about the samsung developers conference, when you think about -- samsung has not been able to get it right in terms of being a coolt eech company.

You had to laugh at the developers conference because what are they going to show?

And why are they doing was on the same day apple results are coming out?

Why has samsung not been able to really hit that cool factor as much as apple?

I think it goes back to the dna of many of these companies.

Apple is fundamentally a consumer electronics, and a -- l company.

They are a tv company, chip company -- they are trying to reposition themselves in the have to change the dna of the company and that is hard for itsony did not match together and we will see if samsung gets there.

I think samsung this year -- one year ago, i think it would have been a mistake.

Apple does not want to depend too much on google.

The google relationship is fascinating.

You see that samsung is developing its own ecosystem with phones.

We saw samsung gradually getting into the software is nice and taking over some of the key anchor software points on the phone to make it android underneath.

Mark gilbert noticed that you cannot get a phone which is how successful apple is.

Do you presume that for years, apple will continue to mint money or do you look at it as sequential sequential where they have to stagger product launch after product launch.

? they are phenomenally good at filling out the entire product suite.

Everybody has been focused on the iphone and ipad in the last two weeks.

Those are critical pieces.

I think tv is coming.

I think it's about deals.

It's about deals with the cable guys and figuring those out.

Tv was not supposed to come in the fall but there were supposed to substitute it with the new ipad and iphone.

You have to think about it as an entire ecosystem.

On the high and you have the mac pro which is insanely powerful and you only find that in the nsa all the way down to the 5c. samsung really does not have that ecosystem?

That's right, we think about the entire system as a developer because we can touch people through that and cloud services tie them together.

How critical that the core language is being given away?

Steve ballmer said free software is communist.

Apple has gonered.

-- apple has gone red.

It's a big turn in the chapter.

They are a hardware company, a media company and a services company in the software goes for free.

They control the microeconomics of the system, no question.

On the new5s, the potential -- on the new 5s, i love the fact that i can sign in with touch id but if i want to pay for something on the -- in the apple store, i don't have to pull out a card.

Everyone is wondering what you meant by dots.

That is a game.

That's what tom is doing during the commercial break.

We need to get to the highlights.

It is tied up in the world series.

It is two games apiece and johnny gomes made his first hit in the series.

He gave the red sox a 4-2 win over the cardinals.

A runner was picked off at first base and that's the first on a playoff game has ended that way.

It has been the most bizarre series i have ever seen.

You wanted this to go to seven games.

Yes, i really don't care.

Yes, you do.

You could have fooled me.

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