How Amazon Benefits From the Advantage of Big Data

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April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Ken Sena, managing director at Evercore, and Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, examines big data drives the wide-ranging businesses of and their push to extend streaming video offerings on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Consumer data.

They know more about what we watch, what we buy and what we're thinking of buying than anyone else.

I think there is the near term opportunity in terms of amazon having a lot of data as far as what media we like and being able to use huger consumption or current consumption around shows they are producing to produce more shows but after tremendous amount of consumer data in terms of everything we do buy.

I think that is an opportunity for them if they decide they want to move away from charging content and moving more to add-based models.

I think right now they are monetizing the content more through layering it into prime subscriptions.

And the u.k. they increased from $49 to $79 and included prime instant video.

No time.

I would love to watch it.

I think there is a lot of opportunity to experiment with other models depending on what consumers choose.

Some consumers would rather not pay for prime.

Do you think this fits in with the strategy overall?

I think so.

When you look at amazon for me you look at the businesses.

The retail business produces a tremendous amount of consumer data.

The infrastructure business is doing ever higher levels of algorithms etc.. you put those together and clearly there is a big opportunity for advertising as well.

Do we need to start thinking about amazon as some of the parts.

The retail business, effectively a tv business and back office business providing cloud support for other retailers out there?

I tend to think of amazon, and they will describe themselves as very consumer centric.

The retail or consumer tries to satisfy on basis of price, selection, convenience but with a look at the enterprise consumer, a chief technology officer, it should not be as hard for them were much harder for them than for the average consumer.

If they want software, it should the integrated with the infrastructure they're buying.

I think the mission is to place a software marketplace on top of the infrastructure that they give away.

This is classic destruction.

Massive creative destruction.

Someone is losing.

There are limited numbers of tv watching going on every year.

Amazon is gaining market share from somebody.

Who is the losing party?

I still think for now you could argue it could be amazon because they are buying the content.

I think the mission is to say we want to make sure we're bringing folks to the platform.

At some point the scale will start -- start to turn in our favor.

As it amazon because they're

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