How Age of Big Data Puts the Squeeze on Tech Jobs

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July 3 (Bloomberg) -- Jack Hidary, chairman at Samba Energy, talks with Betty Liu about the challenge faced by technology companies to fill essential job positions as non-tech companies find themselves in need of employees to manage their data. He speaks on “In the Loop.”


The reality is much worse.

A recent study that came out this week said it takes twice as long to fill a tech job as other jobs.

On the ground, what we're seeing here in new york, other hot tech stock -- tech spots across the country, it takes four times as long as other non-tech jobs.

It is not just tech companies anymore hiring tech people.

The majority of growth is happening from non-tech companies.

We have about 300,000 jobs in new york city, tech jobs.

More than half of those our non-city companies.

Large companies hiring tech people.

They are hiring programmers and coders.

First, there is a shortage?


You start with a shortage and now we have a huge blast of technology companies saying we need to be in the tech game and have big data departments, having android and ios apps.

That triples the work.

There is almost so much you can -- only so much you can squeeze out of the tech staff.

All the new platforms coming out, android and ios, the fact that you need apps out there on the web.

United airlines never had to have its own ios staff and now it has got to.

Smartphones are increasing at a rapid pace.

Its billion total phones out there will increase to about 3-4,000,000,000 smartphones worldwide in the next three years, a tremendous update.

Is it part of the issue as well we are not educated enough people?

There is not only a labor shortage.

We are also not creating enough labor coming out of our schools.

That is right.

Universities have lagged behind.

They are not keeping a pace.

The way the market is reacting is most of the new talent is being trained intact and not traditional two-year and four-year universities.

They are trained in specialized, high intensity boot camps all across the country.

One of them is called general assembly, where you can go 12 weeks 9-5 every day and switch careers from a non-tech to attack career.

It is not for a lack of effort.

There are schools really trying to train students.

The reality is that some of those students are just not interested in enrolling in those dem programs.

We need to attract more people in general to the field.

Ugo just announced a $50 million made with code initiative to track young women and girls into the stem field from an early age.

We do not have enough women in the stem fields.

You look for -- at technology companies.

We do not find enough limoneira.

That has to start at early ages.

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