How Missing Flight 370 Still Transmitted 'Pings'

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March 14 (Bloomberg) -- Former Department of Transportation Inspector General Mary Schiavo discusses the missing Malaysian jetliner on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


It leads us to believe where i was before.

We do not know why these things occur.

A lot of people are talking and saying maybe it is terrorism or someone turned up the transponder.


what it means is that the plane stopped sending data onto events.

One was the system where you can send data back and forth.

That was turned off.

That stopped sending data.

14 minutes later the transponder stopped sending data.

All we know is the datastream stopped.

After the point there were four points picked up via satellite from the plane.

It is a cool system.

We learned this in the investigation.

It takes it temperature.

It takes a status system update.

This system is not ok.

Something is going on.

While the triple seven has the same system malaysia did not pay for the subscription.

All we have is the data ping that it is above water and functioning at four data points pass the last known spot.

Take me through the technology itself.

You mentioned that malaysia did not pay for the system.

What systems come from the manufacturer of the aircraft?

What systems are optional?

What systems are mandatory?

It is the transponder.

It lived there traffic control and the whole world where you are -- you know where you are.

It transforms you from a ufo to an airplane with a #two and appeared that was turned off.

-- # sign on it.

That was turned off.

You can send messages back and forth.

One is a radio-based system, one is a computer-based system.

They stopped admitting signals.

The next system is satellite-based.

That is built into the 777 and takes the temperature of the plane all the time.

It would not send status updates if you subscribe to the system as a carrier.

If you don't, the signal is just on saying we are here.

We have four blips.

It does not say anything more or where they were going.

Do do the four pings, doesn't mean the plane was above water when they happened?


It was above water when they happens.

It does not mean that a terrorist was at the controls.

It could even mean no one was at the control if the plane was on autopilot and they had a catastrophic failure, fire, explosion, rapid decompression.

This could be going on.

You are referring to one whose plane was on autopilot and flew for hours although into wisconsin or minnesota before finally crashed.

Half the passengers had died long before that.

You mentioned malaysia airlines chose not to subscribe to this program.

Why wouldn't airlines decide not to?

"bloomberg west" it is not required -- -- it is not required.

It is an additional system.

It is an additional charge and expense.

They may have assumed they could provide their own.

If they do not need the billing assistance -- the boeing assistance.

It lets bioeing know what is going on out there.

These are things they should know about.

Are there things they can do to improve it?

It is an information system that goes both ways.

That informationw as a life-line to find the plane and find out what was going on.

It said certain systems were engaged or not engaged.

The flight systems were literalyl spooling down.

The plan shuts off certain things to try to preserve flights.

It will keep the control services.

It will keep the engines.

If it is having a problem, it will shut down anything nonessential.

Where does the investigation go from here?

The investigation has to follow the four pings.

That is all we have right now.

It is significant.

I think there is a chance they will find wreckage at the end of the last

We will be following this

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