Hotel Industry Poised for Growth in 2014: Joyce

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Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “This Matters Now,” Stephen Joyce, CEO at Choice Hotels International, talks with Tom Keene about survival in the hotel industry and why he is optimistic about business about 2014. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

6200. hilton has a new ipo coming out.

Do you compete?

A couple of brands we compete with, and they are worthy competitors.

Someone told me we are over hoteled.

Do you agree?

A lot of people would say it is under demolished, not overbuilt.

What people do not realize, there are hotels that go away every year.

There are hotels that probably have ceased to serve the public, but for the most part the general public will decide not to frequent them anyway.

What is the best practice for the franchisees?

Why do people fail when they want to have that entrepreneurial spirit with you?

We give them a system and revenue.

We teach them how to manage the hotel, how to run it properly, how to serve the guest well and how to manage the revenue well.

They take the systems and use them to the best effect.

You walk into a hotel room, what is the first thing you look at?

I look in the corners, the bathroom, cleanliness overall.

You can tell what kind of hotel it is by looking at a guest room.

Can't you tell what kind of hotel it is from a bar of soap?

I was in a hotel room they had six bars of soap spread out.

Who pays for those?

You do over time.

We are about you-oriented.

Free wi-fi.

How come you have wi-fi and the fancy hotels you have to take and go to church to get them?

Because you are willing to pay them.

This is america.

We should have free wi-fi.

We agree with you.

If you stayed at our hotels, you would have it.

We are in a big growth mode.

We think it will be a strong year for us.

Franchisees are looking forward to the year.

Two percent growth overall for the industry.

Instruction is coming back.

Yesterday was cyber monday.

Today is hotel tuesday.

Here on bloomberg "surveillance." coming up, talking seriously about america retail.

Good morning.


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