Hong Kong’s Pollution Near 6-Month High

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Nov. 4 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s David Ingles reports on how Hong Kong officials are dealing with the persistent pollution problems on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Readings expected to be medium to high today.

It is pretty bad out there.

It is a bad.

The plans to clear up the smoggy skies.

This is an air particle counter.

It measures the tiny unseen articles down to the size of a micron.

That is about 200 times smaller than the width of human hair.

We took around hong kong to take readings.

Remember this number.

Anything above 60,000 is deemed unhealthy by who.

Things are quite a bad weather at the beach.

On top of a he'll -- a hill.

Or under a tree.

Or especially in central.

Look at this.

We will step outside and check out the difference between the air quality in here and out here in central.

Look at that.

If you're still not convinced, the government has 14 monitors around the city.

In the first half of the year, levels were mostly with an official guidelines.

On average, two times higher than the stricter recommendations of the who.

In the same time it is asked a minute that has led to 1600 premature deaths, 60,000 hospitalizations, and 3.6 million doctor visits.

Three contributing factors.

Ships in the harbor.

Roadside illusion.

You can take yourself away.

-- roadside illusion.

-- pollution.

A common denominator for all of hong kong.

What house the government responded?

-- how is the government responding?

A government program to replace diesel vehicles.

Another huge program over the next few years.

Nitrogen dioxide, levels higher at the roadside.

We know why.

It is because of the catalytic converter and lpg taxis and buses.

We are running a program to retrofit for these vehicles to her place the convert.

The government estimates it will be completed in six months.

Replacing all in diesel vehicles and the aim is to finish that by 2019. back to clip emissions from shipping and the goal is to have them use clearfield.

If all happens as planned, hong kong will breed a deep sigh of relief.

David ingles.


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