Hong Kong Is a Very Vibrant Market: Luvo CEO

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April 2 (Bloomberg) -- Luvo CEO Christine Day discusses global retailing on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You know about the retail environment.

I know a little bit about hong kong.

It was incredible the retail environment there.

J.crew will be expanding in asia.

They kicked out a mcdonald's and they're going to be placed at the ifc tower with their first store.

It is a huge market.

The tower is one of the high profile places.

You have a lot of chinese consumers visiting because taxes are lower.

They are keen on luxury items.

What i also see is a shift.

What i have observed over the last few years it is -- is it is beyond personal style.

Shopping is important to the chinese consumer.

Being healthy, working out, fitness, a lot more tension -- attention to your personal style and health.

I see those trends accelerating.

I do not understand it.

There are so many luxury retailers.

I have seen it before.

It was incredible.

I took a photo of this tiny camera store.

It looks like a know nothing -- a no nothing store.

It sold for $23 million.

I cannot even count the number of cameras they would have to sell to pay that rent before.

The rent is extreme.

You can be talking over $3 million a year in rent and some of the prime districts.

It is crazy.

The premium brands and luxury brands with high margins and high ticket items are going to be the ones that can afford that.

What is really going to get squeezed out of the marketplace -- that is not even high-end.

One of the real estate broker said it is likely it will be replaced by a store that sells purses or pharmaceutical items.

It has to be higher and and it has to have high-margin and high traffic.

Louise vuitton has six standalone stores in hong kong.

London only has two.

Hong kong is a regional shopping center.

You would see people come in from indonesia, philippines, you would see families come in and do huge shopping trips.

If you are a high-end brand, i feel like you cannot go wrong.

The customer is there.

Thank you for joining us.

Christine day, the former ceo of lululemon and the current ceo of luvo.

If you want to know about high-frequency trading, you can always watch "superman 3." we will explain.

We will talk to the chamber of commerce member that is leading the charge up to the west coast.

Will he be welcomed?

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