Holy Smoke: Cannabis City Runs Out of Pot!

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July 11 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “The Roundup,” Carol Massar, Julie Hyman, Eric Chemi and Brendan Greeley wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Millenial's are not buying into the homeownership concept.

Young adults are more risk-averse and even those who can buy a home are still not buying one.

According to one survey, almost three fourths of adults 18-34 years old say the u.s. is still a high of -- housing crisis -- is still in a housing crisis, more than any other age group.

And the daughter of the mortgage bankers association president, a combined income of just over $100,000 in her 20's and she does not want to buy a home.

The father has the money to give ron a down payment and she still doesn't want to mess up her subway commute to work or live in a fixer-upper in a bad neighborhood.

She would rather rent.

Maybe she just likes where she is.

Why take on a long-term commitment with the house?

Because home loans are at their lowest levels in a decade.

We are very used to pulling the same lever and in the same results.

If we can just get housing startup, we will be ok.

Reading the story and a lot of other stuff that i've read, that says the holter has changed.

You cannot go on a lever that is not there to pull.

We see this in homeownership and other areas.

A lot of these people live to the financial crisis and saw what it did to the market, saw what it did to their parents.

Maybe it is what they grew up with.

It is what they were raised on.

Like the depression kids.


Have you seen the video "you only live once"? it is about, you only live once, so don't take risks.

And don't get the plague.

Like the colorado man that got the rarest and most fatal form of the plague, the first case seen in the states in 2004. health officials say the man who has not unidentified, may have been exposed near denver.

Plague in all its forms of sex only about seven people in the u.s. every year.

And he is one of the seven.

It just makes me wonder, do i would want to be near you -- do i want to be near you?

I say.

It comes from dead animals.

In the middle ages in europe, black death killed so many people that raise wages for all of those who were living.

O, that is good.

We will take up all of that slack in the rate -- in the labor market and raise wages for who is left.

I don't know if it is going to spread, though.

I hate to break it to you.

There was the pneumonic plague and the bubonic plague.

This is pneumonic leg.

It is spread more easily, right?

There is an antibiotic.

This is a bacterial thing.

They think he caught it from the dog.

He didn't make it.

Either animals or politicians, maybe they are in the same category.

Politicians have spent the summer fighting about how to turn back the tide of children at the border.

This is a serious issue.

This new crop comes with fresh challenges for stop many do not speaking list.

Some have not attended school for years.

There are cities like houston, also the west coast.

They will have to deal with schooling and integrating these kids and working with them.

There are many issues with fighting -- finding their families.

This is not an easy situation.

The u.s. apprehended 52,000 loan minors from places like honduras, el salvador, and elsewhere in central america.

That is how many they got.

Who knows how many others are out there.

They cannot just wait while washington kind of figures it out.

This is a broader problem in the u.s., which is schools are generally forced to two attempt to fix all the social problems we are incapable of dealing with.

Teachers have complained about this for a long time.

This is one more problem.

User that with charter schools where you have broken homes or they are just teaching kids basic skills like hygiene and manners because it's not happening at home.

And this is multifaceted, because they have a language barrier.

And not of them speak spanish.

They may speak indigenous languages where it is difficult to find a translator.

They may have ptsd.

They may have been raised at home.

There is gang violence and some of these countries, which is why they are being sent away in the first place.

And one of the ministers who deals with the children said, you know, i moved from delaware to virginia when i was a kid and that was hard enough, and i spoke the language.

It is hard to fathom the stuff these kids are dealing with.

And then to your point about the things that the teachers and administrators are having to deal with -- it is a challenging situation.

They are not the only ones on the move.

So was lebron james.

While -- wow, out of time.


Lebron james is returning to cleveland.

He opted out of his final contract with the heat to become a free agent.

He made the announcement in an article that he himself wrote, saying "my relationship with northeast ohio is bigger than basketball.

I did not realize that four years ago.

I do now." what happened?

He realized that dwyane wade sneeze are not going to be the same anymore, so he needs to get with -- and kne es are not going to be the same anymore, so he needs to get with the younger talent for the clicks i bought it.

Hook, line, and sinker.

This is my seer -- my theory, which is that we get to see people grow old in front of us.

Sports is better theater.

Because you are actually seeing him mature.

We are watching him.

We remember the guy who four years ago talked about his talent and where they were going.

We remember how amazing he was in high school when he was already the subject of a national documentary.

We are watching him grow up like a family member.

There was sincerity in that.

But do you think he really wrote it?

Is is what i was wondering as i read it.

It was very emotional and well fed.

I figure he's got some ghostwriters -- well said.

I figure he's got some ghostwriters.

But maybe.

-- maybe.

He may be coming back home to do a lot financially and economically for the team.

And the city.

Dan gilbert is the big winner here, because he just added $509 to his pocket.

Remember when lebron left, he was outspoken.

If you are mad at somebody, do not say it public we, because you never know what will happen four years later.

As a baltimore resident -- and i know you feel me on this one -- i could not help but and of the colts.

I always think of the colts who snuck away in the middle of the night.

What if they came back echo -- came back?

What if they did come back echo -- comeback?

They did more for us than that ever did.

Canada city, -- in seattle, a cannabis shop sold out.

Not surprisingly, the only one in seattle.

Teams laughter said this was not a surprise.

-- james lathrop said this was not a surprise.

Selling it in two gram bags, which is a little smaller than and eight.

Smaller than your normal purchase.

$46.77 was the price on that.

His gross would have been about $117,000 from selling almost 5000 of those two gram bags.

The data opportunities here are going to be so great.

It is a brand-new industry.

11 pounds gone in three days.

What happens when all the other stores get their licenses?

I cannot wait to see the numbers.

I am waiting for a point when this becomes -- the subjects becomes just a normal earnings report.

Because i'm reading the story and i cannot help but turn into beavis & butthead when i'm reading it.

At some point, will be two years, five years?

We will not laugh anymore and it's just business.

We know it will be just business when you see cannabis on the terminal.

Microsoft and its competitors are all industry leaders in what they do.

This is the industry leader in what it does.

What will be the terminology for the vaporizer?

The grande.

The crime drama is hoping for

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